New name, new place. 

I can not even remember the last blog post I wrote…

We’ve been outrageously busy! Job offer, Vegas, house hunting, moving, preschool…etc. 

My husband got a great offer within the company to move to Kansas City and work in Corperate. We took it! But that meant house hunting and moving again. But while all this was happening, we had a trip to Las Vegas planned and spent 4th of July walking the strip and touring Hoover Dam. (Was so freaking hot!) we had a blast with David’s parents though! 

House hunting was not as bad as we thought either. We had 7 or 8 houses lined up and most of them were okay and some were awful. The last one we looked at was the one that checked everything on our list. We moved at the end of August and the work started! 

Milan started her last year of Preschool in September and I just signed her up for kindergarten! Not only that, I just signed Dax up for preschool! Not sure how that happened, but it’s here! 

We do have a few things going on this spring/ summer, including a trip to the Bahamas in May! A lot of this summer will be working on our yard and flower beds! We have a 2 tiered flower bed out front that needs a lot of love! I’ve already a little work there. But we have a lot planned for other raised beds for vegetable gardens! 


More babies…?

While the conversation has happened several times, most of them happening almost immediately after Dax’s birth, we haven’t decided on any more children. There are times where we are just exhausted (like today) and another one is out of the question. But then there are days where the kids are perfect and we know we have room in our hearts (and lives) for one more…

A few months ago, Milah was determined to get a baby sister… Um, okay? She even broke down to tears once or twice over the situation. We had to explain that she wouldn’t be getting a sister anytime soon…if ever. She loves Dax more than life itself and they play extremely well together…yes, they fight, because they are siblings. He almost outweighs her and he uses his strength against her. 

Dax…he doesn’t really care…I mean, he is only 19 months old. He doesn’t even know what a baby is…because he is one. Kind of. I guess he’s a toddler now. 

I would really love one more. I don’t really care what gender since I saved basically all baby clothes from both children. David, on the other hand, is indifferent, he doesn’t really know. Sometimes, he’s up for another one, but most days, he’s not. I’d really love to wait until Dax is potty trained and we are done traveling in 2017 for David’s parent’s anniversary trip. Which is happening in the earlier part of the year. Dax will be almost 3 at that point, so maybe I can get him potty trained before then we’ll talk more. 

I’d really love to give my body a little bit longer to recover from pregnancy and child birth too. Milah was an amazing pregnancy and terrible labor/delivery. Dax was an okay pregnancy and an amazing labor/delivery. Other than he didn’t turn for delivery and both of them were accompanied with back labor. Thank God for epidurals! I had very bad vaginal pressure with Dax and a lot of pelvic girdle pain and that was not fun. I didn’t have any of that with Milah. 

I really do need to start working out and strengthen my core and body before the next around. 18 months between the first 2 pregnancies was not enough…I don’t know how women can have babies back to back to back. 



Team no sleep! 

Weird things have been happening at our household…


Milah has been fighting a on again off again cold since the week before Christmas. She normally fights off colds like a boss. She’ll have it for a few days and then it’s gone. This time is her 3rd time getting it since Christmas. THIRD! I finally took her to urgent care Saturday morning because, oh my gosh, this momma is sleep deprived! For real. The coughing is just horrible. But she is now being treated with antibiotics, so hopefully she turns around in the next couple of days. The 4am wake up calls are starting to get me. 

Surprisingly, Dax fought off his last cold by himself, with no ear infection! We did visit the pediatrician a few times because he was holding fluid behind his ear but it eventually went away by itself! Which is new for Dax! This is a big turning point for him, we really thought a trip to the ENT was going to happen whether we liked it or not. He has struggled with ear infections for quite awhile and has had 3 since September. So…hopefully he grows out of this. I don’t want to put him through a tube procedure. 

We are definitely ready for summer though! Our part of Nebraska got 11.4 inches of snow on groundhogs day! Luckily, everyone was very well prepared and David even had a snow day for work! 


Dax-18 months old

I can not believe this is happening! Dax is 18 months old!! 

This kid, he’s had his moments! Most recently, an awesomely bruised ear…how? Let me tell you. 

I always try to do any sewing I have planned during nap time if David’s not home. I was almost done with a blanket when Dax woke from his nap. I threw in some Toy Story and let him watch from his saucer chair while I finished. Fast forward a top stitched blanket and here I m cutting any threads hanging from it, out of the corner of my eye, I watch in slow motion, Dax tipping out of the chair and right into the edge of the toddler bed…and then the tears. He was holding his face so I was certain her hit his eye or nose. I laid him down to check it out…nothing. Not even a red spot on his face. Maybe he just hit the floor. So I change him while he’s still watching Woody and Buzz. He turns his head to watch when I see it…his ear bright red and the very tippy top…bruised. All I could see was that (I think) Ronda Rousy fight, where she punches the other girl and her ear explodes. Gross, I know. But his ear didn’t explode. 

Luckily for the both of us, he had his well baby check the next day and his pediatrician looked at it. No damage done. Thank God! 

Dax has leveled out, and for the first time, his height percentile is higher than his weight. Crazy! He is 33 1/2 inches (82%) weighs 29lbs (78%) and his head is in the 90-something percentile. He is a really big head. Lol. 

We have decided to see an ENT if he ends up with another ear infection, but I’ll go into later. We had a blood panel done to check for pet dander allergies. Why? Because (1.) David has terrible pet allergies and (2.) both sets of grandparents have a pet and every time we go back to Iowa, Dax starts with a runny nose and ends up with an ear infection. The pet allergies don’t cause the ear infection but the can cause the congestion and runny noses which is leading to the ear infections…anyways. He doesn’t have any pet dander allergies, which is great…especially since he was letting our friend’s teacup Yorkie mouth kiss him over the weekend. Builds immunity. 

Dax has been weaned now for 2 months!!! 2 whole months of not having to whip the girls out whenever he crashed or got his feelings hurt! No more nursing to sleep or getting up in the middle of the night. He is also bottle free, which took a couple of months, but we’re done! He puts himself to sleep and without a cup. That’s a good one too! He was confused about who was telling him to “lay down and go to sleep” over the baby monitor. 

Right now, we are all (David included) fighting off some weird cold/cough crap. We all have runny noses and coughs. I bet I’ll need to restock the cold basket after we make it through this. Doesn’t help that it’s been anywhere from -6 degrees to 60 degrees here…go home, Mother Nature…you’re drunk! I can’t wait for summer! 




Milah is obsessed with YouTube. She loves watching “gaming” channels. She loves Mario Kart and anything and everything in between. She is just like David. 

Between Milah and I, we have started a channel and will be taking about everything girly! She is super excited and we can not wait to share more of our life with everyone!!! 

Check our Mommy & Milah on YouTube!!! 


Dax is ONE! 

How did this happen?!? Seems like a few days ago he was just a fresh baby! Sad face. He is walking, talking and getting into all sorts of craziness! 

We went to his 12 month appt yesterday and he is starting to level out on weight gain. Dax is now 23.6 lbs (60%tile) and 29 3/4 inches (50%tile). As always, the doctor was impressed with how far he has come in concerns of the nasal congestion. He does still get stuffy from time to time. 

He is still in a rear facing car seat and we love the Britax Marathon we have for him! We did just upgrade our vehicle so we aren’t cruising in the Otlander Sport anymore. We really needed something with a third row and much more cargo space! We decided the Buick Enclave was best choice for price and availability. We were able to get an amazing deal through the dealership my sister works through. We got what we needed out of the Mitsubishi to be able to purchase another vehicle. So far we love it! I will a review on it here in a couple days! 

We were able to celebrate Dax’s birthday in Iowa with our families over the weekend of the 4th! I did a Teenage Mutabt Ninja Turtles theme and we loved it! I made everything! From the cake to the food and right down to the cookies (cut out sugar and royal icing)! I watched a lot of YouTube videos and really learned how to make and decorate everything! I really had a lot of fun getting ready for the party! My little sister was a huge help too! My mom roasted the huge pork loins we had to make BBQ pork sandwiches! The weather was perfect! Hot, but we did have a pool for the little kids to play in, which Milah did! She played for so long in that little pool! By the time we left for home, Dax had already passed out and he slept for at least 3 hours without moving. And we moved him from my sisters lap to his seat! Not one peep! Milah was less than thrilled with leaving Iowa. She wanted to keep playing. She didn’t even fall asleep until we were almost to Omaha (1/2 way home). She fussed most of that time too. She did not want to leave Nana’s house. 

I plan on working on some tutorials for the cookies and maybe a cake too. I seriously enjoyed making these items! 

 Aunt Marisa and Dax after the party!  
Miss Milah passed out on the way home!



5 year anniversary! 

Oh my gosh!!! How did the past 5 years slip away?!? 

David and I actually got to go out without kids!!! My little sister came to Lincoln to watch the kids and stay the weekend! We actually went to dinner really early and ended up only being at the restaurant for less than an hour! Lame! So we went to the mall and got pretzels and walked around and talked like adults for another hour! It was nice! We needed that! It’s hard to get those deep conversations in when there are little ones around! 

Neither one of us could believe that it’s been 5 years though! We talked about how we don’t feel that “old”. Sometimes I look at people who I think are older and then I found out they are the same age as David and I, and I just can’t believe that they are!  

But we enjoyed our quiet dinner and walk. We came home and played Mario Party 2 on the Nintendo 64 with the kids and my sister! We laughed so hard! Truly was the best night!! 

 June 19, 2010