New name, new place. 

I can not even remember the last blog post I wrote…

We’ve been outrageously busy! Job offer, Vegas, house hunting, moving, preschool…etc. 

My husband got a great offer within the company to move to Kansas City and work in Corperate. We took it! But that meant house hunting and moving again. But while all this was happening, we had a trip to Las Vegas planned and spent 4th of July walking the strip and touring Hoover Dam. (Was so freaking hot!) we had a blast with David’s parents though! 

House hunting was not as bad as we thought either. We had 7 or 8 houses lined up and most of them were okay and some were awful. The last one we looked at was the one that checked everything on our list. We moved at the end of August and the work started! 

Milan started her last year of Preschool in September and I just signed her up for kindergarten! Not only that, I just signed Dax up for preschool! Not sure how that happened, but it’s here! 

We do have a few things going on this spring/ summer, including a trip to the Bahamas in May! A lot of this summer will be working on our yard and flower beds! We have a 2 tiered flower bed out front that needs a lot of love! I’ve already a little work there. But we have a lot planned for other raised beds for vegetable gardens! 

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