More babies…?

While the conversation has happened several times, most of them happening almost immediately after Dax’s birth, we haven’t decided on any more children. There are times where we are just exhausted (like today) and another one is out of the question. But then there are days where the kids are perfect and we know we have room in our hearts (and lives) for one more…

A few months ago, Milah was determined to get a baby sister… Um, okay? She even broke down to tears once or twice over the situation. We had to explain that she wouldn’t be getting a sister anytime soon…if ever. She loves Dax more than life itself and they play extremely well together…yes, they fight, because they are siblings. He almost outweighs her and he uses his strength against her. 

Dax…he doesn’t really care…I mean, he is only 19 months old. He doesn’t even know what a baby is…because he is one. Kind of. I guess he’s a toddler now. 

I would really love one more. I don’t really care what gender since I saved basically all baby clothes from both children. David, on the other hand, is indifferent, he doesn’t really know. Sometimes, he’s up for another one, but most days, he’s not. I’d really love to wait until Dax is potty trained and we are done traveling in 2017 for David’s parent’s anniversary trip. Which is happening in the earlier part of the year. Dax will be almost 3 at that point, so maybe I can get him potty trained before then we’ll talk more. 

I’d really love to give my body a little bit longer to recover from pregnancy and child birth too. Milah was an amazing pregnancy and terrible labor/delivery. Dax was an okay pregnancy and an amazing labor/delivery. Other than he didn’t turn for delivery and both of them were accompanied with back labor. Thank God for epidurals! I had very bad vaginal pressure with Dax and a lot of pelvic girdle pain and that was not fun. I didn’t have any of that with Milah. 

I really do need to start working out and strengthen my core and body before the next around. 18 months between the first 2 pregnancies was not enough…I don’t know how women can have babies back to back to back. 


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