Team no sleep! 

Weird things have been happening at our household…


Milah has been fighting a on again off again cold since the week before Christmas. She normally fights off colds like a boss. She’ll have it for a few days and then it’s gone. This time is her 3rd time getting it since Christmas. THIRD! I finally took her to urgent care Saturday morning because, oh my gosh, this momma is sleep deprived! For real. The coughing is just horrible. But she is now being treated with antibiotics, so hopefully she turns around in the next couple of days. The 4am wake up calls are starting to get me. 

Surprisingly, Dax fought off his last cold by himself, with no ear infection! We did visit the pediatrician a few times because he was holding fluid behind his ear but it eventually went away by itself! Which is new for Dax! This is a big turning point for him, we really thought a trip to the ENT was going to happen whether we liked it or not. He has struggled with ear infections for quite awhile and has had 3 since September. So…hopefully he grows out of this. I don’t want to put him through a tube procedure. 

We are definitely ready for summer though! Our part of Nebraska got 11.4 inches of snow on groundhogs day! Luckily, everyone was very well prepared and David even had a snow day for work! 

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