Dax is ONE! 

How did this happen?!? Seems like a few days ago he was just a fresh baby! Sad face. He is walking, talking and getting into all sorts of craziness! 

We went to his 12 month appt yesterday and he is starting to level out on weight gain. Dax is now 23.6 lbs (60%tile) and 29 3/4 inches (50%tile). As always, the doctor was impressed with how far he has come in concerns of the nasal congestion. He does still get stuffy from time to time. 

He is still in a rear facing car seat and we love the Britax Marathon we have for him! We did just upgrade our vehicle so we aren’t cruising in the Otlander Sport anymore. We really needed something with a third row and much more cargo space! We decided the Buick Enclave was best choice for price and availability. We were able to get an amazing deal through the dealership my sister works through. We got what we needed out of the Mitsubishi to be able to purchase another vehicle. So far we love it! I will a review on it here in a couple days! 

We were able to celebrate Dax’s birthday in Iowa with our families over the weekend of the 4th! I did a Teenage Mutabt Ninja Turtles theme and we loved it! I made everything! From the cake to the food and right down to the cookies (cut out sugar and royal icing)! I watched a lot of YouTube videos and really learned how to make and decorate everything! I really had a lot of fun getting ready for the party! My little sister was a huge help too! My mom roasted the huge pork loins we had to make BBQ pork sandwiches! The weather was perfect! Hot, but we did have a pool for the little kids to play in, which Milah did! She played for so long in that little pool! By the time we left for home, Dax had already passed out and he slept for at least 3 hours without moving. And we moved him from my sisters lap to his seat! Not one peep! Milah was less than thrilled with leaving Iowa. She wanted to keep playing. She didn’t even fall asleep until we were almost to Omaha (1/2 way home). She fussed most of that time too. She did not want to leave Nana’s house. 

I plan on working on some tutorials for the cookies and maybe a cake too. I seriously enjoyed making these items! 

 Aunt Marisa and Dax after the party!  
Miss Milah passed out on the way home!



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