5 year anniversary! 

Oh my gosh!!! How did the past 5 years slip away?!? 

David and I actually got to go out without kids!!! My little sister came to Lincoln to watch the kids and stay the weekend! We actually went to dinner really early and ended up only being at the restaurant for less than an hour! Lame! So we went to the mall and got pretzels and walked around and talked like adults for another hour! It was nice! We needed that! It’s hard to get those deep conversations in when there are little ones around! 

Neither one of us could believe that it’s been 5 years though! We talked about how we don’t feel that “old”. Sometimes I look at people who I think are older and then I found out they are the same age as David and I, and I just can’t believe that they are!  

But we enjoyed our quiet dinner and walk. We came home and played Mario Party 2 on the Nintendo 64 with the kids and my sister! We laughed so hard! Truly was the best night!! 

 June 19, 2010   

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