The “mommy shaming” needs to stop! 

As many mothers out there today, I was a prime target on a pretty popular Facebook page for mommy shaming…why? Because I use disposable diapers of all things. Oh the audacity!!!! 

I literally got dozen of comments in the first 30 seconds I posted my comment about a particular brand of diapers I use. All of them shamming me for not using cloth. Yep, that’s right, people who don’t know me, don’t know what I have or haven’t tried and people who aren’t my parents or who pay my bills! 

Many of you know, I have tried cloth…we didn’t like it. Not only that, Milah has extremely sensitive skin and no matter what insert or diaper we tried, she broke out in rashes. Enough explaining myself though. 

What right as mothers do we have to judge other mothers? Whether it’s a differnce in diapers or birth plans. It needs to stop! 

No one has the right to judge you and lecture you about your choice as a parent. I have seen too much of it. Women judging other women because of a natural birth vs a cesarean or breastfeeding vs formula feeding. Who cares?!? Seriously, you have no right to judge others and that person you are shamming has no respect for you now. They don’t deserve the criticism. You are basically telling them because they went a different parenting path, that they are terrible parents.

No one should be judged based on how they birthed their child, how they are feeding or diapering their child. It is sickening to think people are judging women based on this. 


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