The worst appointment ever! 

So, with still nursing my (giant) little guy and trying to pump to help supplement my nephew, I decided I needed to make an appointment with a lactation consultant. I have been pumping for a month and really haven’t seen a huge difference in my output. I have been trying to do a few things with helping my supply. I have always been super paranoid about it since I didn’t do well with Milah. 

Dax has been doing so well, I really haven’t been too nervous about how much he is getting. 

I really envy those women that can nurse their baby and still pump 8, 10, 20 extra ounces a day. I can’t even pump 4 ounces most days. 

I think my pump is acting up or maybe I’m using the wrong one or wrong size pump shield. I really try to eat right and take care of myself and I still only get an extra 4 ounces…on a good day…depressing. 

Anyways, the consultant I saw was nice but she did a complete 180 once she found out that I was pumping for my nephew. I literally got lectured for the next 20 mins about how they don’t support that and that my sister in law needs to call milk banks. And she wouldn’t look at my pump or check me for sizing. She literally was so worried about Dax. My 22lb 8 month old…I think he okay! Worst appointment ever! 

Luckily I found an amazing Facebook group that is only local women (and men?). I posted my problem and they directed me to a group of ladies. I haven’t checked them out yet but plan on it next week. 

Now, I do understand that milk sharing is a litter dangerous if you don’t know where or who it’s coming from. Donor milk that comes to hospitals is from women are carefully selected and that milk is pasteurized.

Now, I am Emery’s Aunt and every pregnant women has blood drawn at the begininng of their pregnancy for disease testing. I would have known if there was something going on. Obviously I don’t. 

I must say that Emery has gained at least 2 lbs since he has been supplemented with my milk. The problem is, I would love it if I could get more for him, but I am struggling. So hopefully this new place can help me out! 

I will keep everyone updated! 


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