Teething, solids, potty training and preschool hunting…

I must say that this past week has been a crazy one.

Dax still isn’t that interested in solids yet. He does like some foods more than others and prefers (organic) pre made baby food more than homemade baby food. He does like fresh (not frozen) avocados…weird. But whatever. I have made every fruit and vegetable under the sun that he can have at his age and he hates them all. But he will eat the canned baby food. Still weird.

He is also teething. He is not doing as well as what Milah did at that age. She gracefully got her first 2 bottom teeth without any issues. We didn’t even know she was teething. Dax on the other hand, has been chewing on EVERYTHING…including me…ouch. He popped the first bottom tooth about a week ago and every time he nursed, he would bite. After the tooth came in, he stopped biting. Then right around Tuesday, he started biting again and the 2nd tooth broke through this morning. Now hopefully he stops biting me. Nothing scarier than putting your nipples into a mouth with new (sharp) teeth…NOTHING!

Now, Milah has successfully used the potty once so far this week. She still has no interest in potty training. I happened to catch her right before a dirty diaper. She was so confused though. We have bribed her with everything and anything we can think of. I was getting concerned with her eligibility for preschool if she wasn’t potty trained. A few schools I talked to are pretty strict with that rule and want them to be potty trained before admission. Luckily, the one we are in love with, doesn’t care. I really think once she gets around other kids that are potty trained, she will want to be trained too…I make it sound like I’m trying to house train a dog, which was easier by the way. Maybe I need to try that with her.

She is still in a crib and she NEVER wakes up dry, so I don’t know how well it will work.

We have picked out a preschool and are touring it next Friday. I still can’t believe she is already at the age for preschool. The preschool that we are interested in runs a normal school year and then they offer “summer camps”. They run 4 days long and have so many different activities! We are going to sign her up for a few different summer camps and then she will start school in August….I still can not believe it! I am hoping she enjoys it and doesn’t mind being away from me for a few hours a day.


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