Baby probiotics and donor milk

We have had an issue with Dax’s pooping schedule…I know, TMI. But seriously, this kid poops less than once a week. And now he is starting solids, so it’s less in quantity. He hasn’t been constipated by any means, but he isn’t comfortable.

I never thought of giving my kids Probiotics. Never crossed my mind.

I had to stop at Whole Foods today to pick up a few nursing supplements because I am pumping and sending my extra milk to my nephew. While I was there, I happened to walk by the probiotics. I asked the lady there a few questions and she had tons of answers for me! Thank god. She helped my pick out a good one for kids and babies older than 3 months. I gave him 1/4 tsp at lunch time and he has already pooped twice today!!! That NEVER happens!!! Hopefully this works for him!

Back to the donor milk…our preemie nephew is 6 days younger than Dax. They were supposed to be 8 or 9 weeks apart and aren’t. He isn’t dealing with formula well. He has had tons of issues with it. My sister in law lost her supply when she started working again. She texted me the other day and asked if I had a milk stock and I don’t. But I have pumping and pumping to build up my supply so I can send her milk.

Now, the last couple of days have been slow going. A few times I have even dry pumped just to try and trick my body into thinking it needs to “over supply” it with milk. I am hoping the trick works. Sometimes I get lucky during a dry pump and get a couple of ounces. Today has been the worst. I don’t know if it’s because Dax has been cluster feeding or if I just haven’t been able to sit down and hit it hard. I did get a few ounces this morning, but that’s about it.

I picked up so Mother Love-More Milk Plus supplement and some Fenugreek. I had really good luck with the fenugreek with Milah, so I am hoping this time is good too! I have never used the More Milk Plus, but it has great reviews! I already use and LOVE the herbal teas for lactation, so I grabbed another box of that! Wish me luck!

We are visiting them this weekend and I am hoping to get some one on one time with him and maybe he will motivate the girls to get grinding!!! I will be doing some serious skin to skin with Dax though to help!!!


Teething, solids, potty training and preschool hunting…

I must say that this past week has been a crazy one.

Dax still isn’t that interested in solids yet. He does like some foods more than others and prefers (organic) pre made baby food more than homemade baby food. He does like fresh (not frozen) avocados…weird. But whatever. I have made every fruit and vegetable under the sun that he can have at his age and he hates them all. But he will eat the canned baby food. Still weird.

He is also teething. He is not doing as well as what Milah did at that age. She gracefully got her first 2 bottom teeth without any issues. We didn’t even know she was teething. Dax on the other hand, has been chewing on EVERYTHING…including me…ouch. He popped the first bottom tooth about a week ago and every time he nursed, he would bite. After the tooth came in, he stopped biting. Then right around Tuesday, he started biting again and the 2nd tooth broke through this morning. Now hopefully he stops biting me. Nothing scarier than putting your nipples into a mouth with new (sharp) teeth…NOTHING!

Now, Milah has successfully used the potty once so far this week. She still has no interest in potty training. I happened to catch her right before a dirty diaper. She was so confused though. We have bribed her with everything and anything we can think of. I was getting concerned with her eligibility for preschool if she wasn’t potty trained. A few schools I talked to are pretty strict with that rule and want them to be potty trained before admission. Luckily, the one we are in love with, doesn’t care. I really think once she gets around other kids that are potty trained, she will want to be trained too…I make it sound like I’m trying to house train a dog, which was easier by the way. Maybe I need to try that with her.

She is still in a crib and she NEVER wakes up dry, so I don’t know how well it will work.

We have picked out a preschool and are touring it next Friday. I still can’t believe she is already at the age for preschool. The preschool that we are interested in runs a normal school year and then they offer “summer camps”. They run 4 days long and have so many different activities! We are going to sign her up for a few different summer camps and then she will start school in August….I still can not believe it! I am hoping she enjoys it and doesn’t mind being away from me for a few hours a day.


Dax is 7 months old!! Wait, what?!?!

Seriously, he is on the down side of his first year! I am so sad! He is growing way too fast!

At his 6 month appointment, he was 20.6 lbs (86%), 26 3/4 inches (52%)…big and short!

So, from the last month, he has hit so many milestones too! He is starting to enjoy solids a little more. He has also perfecting sitting up! He does try to feed himself with a spoon. He is also sleeping in his crib more. Sometimes…all night!!!! His newest trick is army crawling. He gets around really well! He hasn’t figured out how to do it on his hands and knees yet but he gets around!!!

He has also outgrown his infant seat. It did have a 30 lb weight limit on it but his head was starting to peak over the cushion, which was at it’s highest setting. Since then, we have purchased 2 new seats! Both Britax!

Dax got a Britax Marathon convertible and Milah now has a Britax Pioneer 70! Milah’s has not made it to the car yet though. We just got 10-12 inches of snow in a few days, so David has been driving the Outlander all week! So far, Dax hates ALL car seats. He doesn’t want to be in any of them. He does get comfy faster in this one though. He fusses when he is first placed in there and then settles quickly.

I have also finally finished his room this week!!! We moved my desk into his room and moved the hide a bed out! That thing is annoying! So now the Jayhawk room is done…even though I broke his cork board…oops! I do need to get that thing back up! There are still a few things I want to find for it but I am officially done rearranging pictures and his name and his bed!!!

We did have a little scare with Bennett last weekend during all of our bad weather. He kept having accidents in the house and he NEVER does that. I knew something was wrong. He had a low grade bladder infection and was put on an antibiotic for it. Poor guy. He thought he was in so much trouble. He was the first time but after he did it again a couple hours later, I knew something was wrong. He is much better now!

At this point, thankfully, we are all happy and healthy!!!