Why I don’t share baby clothes…

Last weekend I went through all of our baby clothes and sorted everything. Not to get rid of it, just to organize and see what I had that was “gender neutral”. I only found a few things, mostly white socks. But something crossed my mind and the tears that followed made me realize something. I will never give up any of my baby clothes.

I had this argument with my Mother in Law early spring last year and she lost…which doesn’t happen often. Before we found out that my sister in law was having a boy also, my MIL asked me to give up all of Milah’s baby clothes…ummm, NO! I told her if there was something my SIL wanted to borrow, that would be okay, but I was not giving her all of my clothes. She was PISSED! Now, let me explain myself before everyone gets their panties in a tangle.

Most of Milah’s baby clothes came from her baby shower. That means, the majority of those came from my family…because there is a TON of them! I had more clothes than what poor baby Milah could wear. Luckily, babies are kind of messy, so she did wear a lot of them. Some also came from my work baby shower, which was amazing. Those girls were kind enough to throw me a shower right before Milah came. We also bought 99% of her clothes. At the time, we lived 24 hours (1300 miles) away from family. So if we needed something, I went and bought it. Now, my mother in law is a pro-shopper, so she did send outfits out but most of what we got from them were hand me downs from our niece.

We are grateful for those hand me downs, and our niece grows so fast, so normally wears something twice and that’s it. But David likes Milah to have new stuff most of the time. I also buy a lot of their “outdoor” or “playtime” clothes at a consignment shop. Just makes a lot of sense to do that. And these days, Milah likes to spend her time in just a diaper…I have no idea why and it drives me insane! I really like the shop that I found. They never sell dirty clothes or tattered clothing, everything is in almost perfect condition! I bought a ton of Dax’s newborn clothes there and even some preemie stuff for Emery there too. That place is sometimes a little overwhelming!

We haven’t decided if there will be another Paquin baby yet or not. We are taking it day to day. We will make that decision in a few years. Now, I know someday someone will call me a hoarder but I would really love to hand these clothes to Milah or Dax when they have a boy or girl and be able to tell them that they wore these clothes and how special they are!! I’m all about sentimental stuff these days!


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