Dax is 6 months old!!!

Oh my gosh! Where did the last 6 months go?!? Holy cows.
Seriously though, someone please freeze time so I can enjoy my babies being babies! Dax is 6 months old and is wearing size 12 month clothes…my secret? Breastmilk! Seriously, he didn’t have any food until his 6 month mark. Since then he has had a few bites of squash and peas but that’s about it. He loves breastmilk and nursing way too much!
He is now getting up on his hands and knees…and rolls everywhere. Nothing is safe!
Yes, he is still bed sharing, which he has now beat Milah is length. Milah only slept with is for 4 months (all night) 6 months (just mornings). We did get an extra baby monitor and will be working on crib sleeping soon. I’m the one having a hard time with it…not David.
Speaking of Milah, she is almost 3!!! More lost time! We planned a birthday party today and she has no idea what that is! Lol. She is such a crazy, smart and sweet little girl…once that top right molar broke through. Wow! That was a fun couple of weeks. She was horrific. But we got through it!
I have an appt later this week for Dax for his 6 months. I will post stats then!!!


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