Dax is almost 5 months old already?!?!

Where does the time go….I really have no idea! My little man is not so little!
We went to the Dr about 2 weeks ago for his 4 month check up. Dax now weighs 18 lbs 1 oz (91%) and is 26 inches long (78%). He is a big boy!
We are all, minus David, fighting off a slight cold with stuffy noses. I do have a sore throat but luckily I think that is just me. We had a great thanksgiving dinner at home! None of us left our pajamas.
So far, we are enjoying Lincoln and have been home a few times since the move. We were a little nervous about staying at other people’s houses after the last visit home but everything seems to be good…even though we were just home and I’m pretty sure that’s were the cold came from. We just had a major family picture session with my sister’s and the entire group of us. We haven’t had family pictures since my older sister was pregnant with her oldest who is now almost 17 years old! Wow…
We still have not planned a Christmas trip because we are waiting on weather, since that is always a factor here in the Midwest. But we would be happy to stay home too. We do have the Fritz side planned for after new years.
We have been so blessed and lucky this year, we couldn’t imagine our lives any different!
Hope everyone has a safe holiday!


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