Sleeping through the night already?!?

Yep, can not complain! Dax is sleeping through most nights!!

Now sometimes he does have a long night where he wakes around 330 and 530 and 630am. But most of the time he sleeps until 630 or 730am. Amazing!

He is starting to slow down on pooping…until he does and then it is a complete blow out. My husband bowls league and we went down for the first game last night. Milah was not happy that she didn’t have his undivided attention so we stay for only one game. We got home and I grabbed Milah a quick snack and some milk. Dax was sitting on my lap at my desk and he was so gassy…and then I lifted him up. It was literally gooing out of his diaper and onto my jeans. So I got up and stripped us both and cleaned everything up!

Dax is in such an awesome stage right now. He is talking up a storm and he loves smiling at his mommy!

We can’t complain. We have amazing children and couldn’t be have a better life right now!