10 weeks already?!

Moving with a toddler and a newborn has proven to be a chore! Good Lord! We have been here almost a month and I am still not fully unpacked and settled! We are also trying to downsize…yay!

Dax has been amazing though! We did have a problem in August right around the time he turned 1 month old. Milah, Dax and I traveled to Iowa for some family time and Dax ended up in the hospital. We had no idea what was going on and neither did the doctors…scary business. We later decided it was a severe head cold. Milah and I ended up with the same cold as Dax. Luckily, I was at my mom’s and there was someone to watch Milah while I had Dax at the hospital. I hated leaving her though…I always do!

But he has been such a trooper since then. His chronic congestion has gotten much better. He really doesn’t snort anymore, which is nice! He does get a little stuffy when he gets worked up and pissed! He is still exclusively breastfed and is doing amazingly well! He actually was weighed yesterday for his 2 month well baby check. He weighs 14 lbs 6 oz! CHUBS!!! He is also 23 inches long! He eats well! He did have to get 3 shots though. Always so hard! He took them like a champ though, only cried during and afterwards, was very easy to settle. We went to grab some lunch and grocery shopped afterwards and I never heard him complain. He did explode shortly after getting home though…always nice.

I have not been doing the placenta capsules for the last couple of weeks. I really did not notice a difference with them, other than the healing process. I didn’t have any negative effects though, so that was nice! My milk supply has been great, even though, I really have not tried pumping too much. I am always with Dax so I really don’t need a back up supply just yet!

Sleeping has been getting much better! Dax normally wakes once a night, sometimes twice to feed. He does wake early, which is ok. I have been making breakfast and crawling back into bed to eat it and watch Good Morning America and Kelly and Michael…lame, I know! lol. K&M crack me up though! Normally half way through K&M, I wake Milah up and get out day started.



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