Birth story-Daxton Joel Paquin

Daxton came quick. I was in labor for only 11 hours. Which is very short for me. We had our friends from Kansas City in town, which worked well for us. We had no idea when this little guy was going to make up his mind and come! We did make it through the 4th, which is what I wanted!

July 5th-Jeni and I decided we were going to get pedicures and hope that coaxed him enough to come! I worked!

July 6th-6:45 am. First contraction came, which at the time I thought was an uncomfortable bladder/baby. I had to pee so bad!!! So I got up and used the restroom and laid back down. Ten minutes later, another cramp. I text my mom and asked her if contractions felt like period cramps. She said yes! Lol. They were coming every ten mins.

Around 8am I got up and took Bennett out and I wanted to see if these were real contractions. When this happened, they started getting closer and little more intense. I called maternity and they told me I should come get checked.

9:30am-on our way! We left Milah with her uncle Bob and David, Jeni and I headed to the hospital. I was checked and was still 2cm. But I did not want to go home. I was there to stay. The back labor was back! I had tested positive for group b strep, so I had to get antibiotics before Dax was born. So they decided to keep me.

12:30pm-antibiotics were going and I was waiting for my epidural. I was actually surprised that my husband didn’t do well (again) with the epidural needles and procedure. I did have to be stuck twice because the first line wouldn’t thread the needle. I felt fine, but David did not! For his sake though, he never got to eat that morning and was watching this on an empty stomach.

2pm-David took Jeni back to the apartment, they had to head home, and he grabbed some lunch. He also waited for Milah to wake up from her nap and the brought her back to the hospital. We actually had his brother lined up for Milah later on. Which didn’t happen. Lol. She got to hang out with us for awhile. I was 4 cm with a bulging sac of water at this point.

4:30-The Ob dr on call came in and broke my water at this time, I was about 5cm. Fluids were clear and she suggested I receive Pitocin. I declined the Pitocin because of how fast I went after my water broke with Milah, which was a smart decision on my part! I quickly dilated again and started having the urge to push feeling!

5pm-the nurse actually was in the room for most of the afternoon. After my water was broken, Dax’s heart rate kept dropping. She was rolling me from side to side and eventually, she placed an internal monitor on his head. Which leveled out and his heart rate stabilized.

5:30pm-things were progressing quickly! The nurse was checking me every 20 mins and every time she checked me, I was dilated more and Dax was dropping quickly! By 5:45, they were breaking the bed down and waiting for the dr.

5:50pm-the nurse would not let me push until the dr was in the room because Dax was right there. He was not waiting! Dr. Velagti barely made it to my feet. I pushed through 2 contractions and he was here. But it wasn’t a pleasant as it sounds. Dax came face up! Milah at least turned when my water broke. He didn’t even turn after his head was out. He was face up for the whole delivery. He also had the cord looped up around his shoulder, which was why his heart rate dropped after my water was broke.

He weighed 7lbs 13 oz and was 21 inches long. He was born at 6:02pm! He is an amazing little guy and has already stolen Milah’s heart! She loves him!



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