My HONEST (company) review.

We have had skin issues in our household. This is not new to me. I have never been able to use bath soaps/body washes with a heavy sent or use lotion that was scented. I love Bath and Body Works but literally can not wear anything from there. Milah has been no different. She immediately had issues with Huggies brand wipes after she was born and issues with Johnson and Johnson baby wash and lotion. She out grew the issue with the baby wash and lotion but it has recently returned so we have switched again. Aveeno was the same though. Except, I started having issues with the Aveeno and since I am the one that gives her baths, I can not be having reactions to baby wash. So, we did some research!

First we tried Babyganics, which actually worked very well. Neither of us had any skin reactions to the body wash/shampoo or the lotion. Now, I am a licensed cosmetologist and am very picky about shampoo. I was not a huge fan of the shampoo. It did not rinse out well. I felt like it took forever for it to rinse out. I also do not like “foam” type shampoo. I didn’t mind it as a body wash but didn’t like it as a shampoo. I actually took those to my mom’s house for visits, this was, I don’t have to pack our stuff up when we visit.

BUT, now that Target carries Honest Company diapers and the rest of the line (ours doesn’t carry all of the products) I thought I would give it a try. 1st-Honest bubble bath. OMG! Milah loves bubble baths, but I was always scared to let her take them because of issues. This stuff did not irritate her skin at all! I am also in love with the scent! Ours is the tangerine dream scent and it is a very light scent! And it actually stays bubbly, unlike other baby bubble bath brands. I also had no issues! 2nd-Honest shampoo/body wash. Also, love the light scent on this! It is a citrus scent. You only need a very, very tiny amount for washing hair. This rinsed out very well. 3rd-Honest conditioner. LOVE this stuff! Same scent as the shampoo and oh my gosh, it leaves Milah’s hair so soft! She has some crazy ass curly hair and it is like bunny fluff after it dries for the night! I even used it once…love it!!! 4th-Honest diapers. Big one for us. We are die hard Huggies fans. So far, we love them! Milah loves the cherries and flowers on her set right now! They hold a surprising amount of liquid for being a diaper with less chemicals in them. I still use an overnight diaper for Milah but she naps in regular diapers. And she will nap anywhere from 1-4 hours. Which is a long time for diapers. Plus, she goes down right after lunch where she drinks a glass of milk. So far, I’m impressed!

They did not have any lotion in stock the last time I was there but that will be my next purchase. I can not wait to try the other products!!!

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