38 weeks-let’s be done now, please!

Why did I make the choice to be pregnant half way through a Midwest summer?!? It is so hot and humid right now. Sometimes in the evening and late afternoon, we can get an hour or so where it is perfect outside.

And yes, I’m still pregnant! But as of Tuesday, I was 2cm dilated and my cervix was super soft, which is a lot more progressed than what I was when I was here with Milah. My next appt will actually be the 3rd of July and I’m hoping we don’t make it to that day. June 27th is my grandma’s birthday and no one has hit her birthday yet…and there is a lot of us!

The contractions are getting more noticeable and happening more often! I also have some amazing cervical pressure from him basically being engaged in my pelvic bone. His movements are definitely slowing down and aren’t as big as before. My midwife said he is in great position and is face down, which is great since Milah was sunny side up until my water broke and I was fully dilated. That resulted in 48 hours of back labor. Wasn’t fun!

We are ready! We have some excited stuff happening in our lives and can’t wait for this little guy to get here! Milah is starting to take interest in other babies, so maybe she will like her little brother. She doesn’t play with baby dolls or anything like that. She is definitely like me and is more of a tomboy! Which is fine, she doesn’t mind being dirty and isn’t afraid of bugs! She does carry around a stuffed pig (piggy) and a blanket (baby) that was actually made for David when he was born. She doesn’t go to bed without either of these items.

We literally have everything ready for him! I set up our co-sleeper today and finally found some plain colored baby socks. I did find a diaper pail at our local Once Upon A Child, which is a consignment store here in Saint Joe, even though I know these are franchise stores and are all over! I got it for $7. Which brand new would have been around $40. Score!

We are very excited that our best friends from KC are coming to visit us next weekend and it would be nice to have a baby by then…or have him then! Either way, baby boy Paquin, let’s do this!



2 thoughts on “38 weeks-let’s be done now, please!”

  1. Found you through pintrest and enjoyed reading your posts so far. Congrats and excited for you! I’ve had 3 in June/July but currently not due until Fall which feels odd to me this time around. I’ll be checking back to see updates, this is #6 for me and I usually go to 41 weeks so is fun to see you go soon! Hope all goes smoothly!

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