37 weeks-done, done and more done

Ugh! I am ready to be done! And we are ready! We are stocked up on food and the basic necessities and I am nesting like crazy! Everyone is patiently waiting for the arrival of baby boy Paquin!

I go back back to my Doctor on Tuesday and hopefully things are a little bit further than a couple weeks ago! Would be nice to have this baby the beginning part of the week since David has Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. Even though, he will take more time off. Depending on how my appt goes this week, my mother in law may be coming down towards the end of the week. Even though, she has injured her back and is nervous about having to lift Milah but she shouldn’t have to do that that much. Milah really is not the “carry me” type.

We did celebrate our anniversary this past week. 4 years! That went super fast.

I have been trying some “old wives tales” ways to induce labor though. Here are a few that we have read about and have tried so far.
Pineapple-apparently there is an enzyme that is supposed to help soften and dilate your cervix. The problem is, you have to eat a lot of pineapple! And it has to be fresh, the canning process kills that enzyme.
Walking-all day Friday, Milah and I got out and about and did a ton of shopping. I needed a few things for baby and also picked up some Honest products at Target! And of course, groceries!
Cleaning-I have been super busy nesting! I am hoping to have the rest done today! I have dishes to catch up on!
Raspberry leaf tea-I have only drank a couple of cups so far. This isn’t really to induce labor, it’s suppose to help tone your uterus. I am not a fan of the after taste of this tea.
We have not tried a few things like castor oil and we have not tried sex. Castor oil can and will give you the shits…I don’t want that. Not to mention, it could affect the baby’s bowels and they could have a bowel movement while still in uterus and then inhale it. Not good! And we haven’t tried sex yet because of the schedule my husband is on. He is so exhausted by the time for bed and we have been waiting for his work week to be over. So maybe soon!
But, I do understand that babies will come when they are ready, so if he wants to wait another couple of weeks, he can do what he wants. Even though, my doctor is out of town this week and with my luck, it will happen with her gone.



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