36-37 weeks-contractions and my heart rate

Saturday was a terrible day for me…no energy, no appetite and a ton of crap to get done! My husband was at work and I had a living room to pick up and a kitchen to clean. I didn’t do any of it. I was beyond exhausted. Milah and I laid on the floor and ate Popsicles for hours because it was the only thing I really wanted to eat. We all went to bed early that night and got tons of rest! Sunday, I nested (thank God!) and I sorted toys, which got boxed up, cleaned my living room, vacuumed and did some dishes. I have also been working on laundry, which is all caught up, I just need to put it all away!
Saturday was also weird though. After all the laying around I did, I felt different. I actually felt the baby drop (or engage/lightening). My doctor’s appt confirmed that on Monday. Baby Paquin has engaged and definitely dropped into position! His heart rate is great, mine on the other hand was a little high. Let me explain though, it was literally 90 degrees outside and the humidity was horrific! I also carried my 2 year old into the office that day. The nurse checked my rate twice and it was pretty high and I could feel my heart beating that hard and fast. But when the Midwife came in to check me over, she listened to my heart while I was laying down during the dopplar and belly measure. I had slowed way down and I felt much better then. I also told her about the weird cramps I had been having, which turns out, they are contractions! I had 2 contractions while she was listening to the baby with the dopplar…and then a ton at home yesterday! Today they haven’t been that bad, but I definitely can tell that they are happening!

She advised me to make sure my bags are packed and in the car! The Midwife did not check my cervix because of the threat of early labor and I would like to wait at least until the weekend! My husband was also in Kansas City yesterday (and today) getting his car serviced and new tires! I didn’t want to be set off with him over and hour away and no one to take my daughter! And I would like to wait until the weekend so I can go grocery shopping one more time before I go into labor. With family being 3 hours away, I don’t want to risk early labor with no one here! Even though, this weekend would be nice! I will keep everyone posted!!!


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