36 weeks-hospital bag and hospital tour

Well…while I am still only at 1cm, I am now 50% effaced! Which means my cervix is ripening or softening, which means things are (hopefully) progressing on their own! Baby is still sitting a little bit high but I can feel a difference on much lower he has been. I keep getting this weird cramp or spasm in my right hip/groin area. It is actually pretty painful! I normally get the pain right after I have been sitting for too long and then stand up and try to walk around too fast. I have also been having some “menstrual-like” cramping in that area you have cramps. I never had any of these pains with Milah, so I know he is much lower than what she was. TMI warning!!! I have no had constipation issues, but almost a little softer than normal. Which IS normal. I had the same thing with Milah, and read that your body is getting ready for child birth so it is cleaning some areas out…sorry for that visual…Other than that, normal symptoms still, a ton of vaginal pressure and that amazing third trimester exhaustion! I go back on Monday to see the Midwife and hopefully find out if anything is progressing. My poor doctor has been running around so busy the past week! When I was there last week, she had scheduled me on a different day than normal because of her being at the hospital all week. They called about an hour before my appt to let me know she was running late due to some emergency surgeries and pushed me back an hour, which was fine! I actually didn’t know if I would even see her last time but she was able to sneak away for a few appts and then head right back out to more deliveries. I am just hoping I am lucky enough to have her deliver ours when it’s time!

I did meet with the registration nurse and she went over a ton of hospital stuff with me last week! I was nervous because I hadn’t read the best reviews on this hospital but was surprised on my tour! The maternity wing is very nice! They have, which most hospitals do now, the anti-theft system for the babies. There is a big red line on the floor of the wing and if the baby crosses it, the doors lock and alarms sound. The hospital in Virginia had it and someone set it off while we were still there…scared the crap out of me! The rooms are very nice also! In Va, we delivered on one wing and then recovered on a different wing. But that area is much larger and it was a very large hospital! Here, I labor, deliver, recover, and stay in my room, which is how my home-town hospital did it, unless you have a c-section, then they have a recovery room for you and a stay room. But the rooms are huge and they do have the chairs that fold out into beds, which I am not sure how much time David will be spending there at night because of Milah. We are still struggling with the family schedule and someone being here at the right time. Which will be a different post…

BUT!!! I finished my hospital bag!!!…finally! I may have over packed though, which I feel like a ton of people do. I went through it several times to try and downsize but I feel like I can’t downsize no matter what! I also feel like every time I go through it, I add something to it…I need to stop doing that! But here is my finalized list!!!

-travel size shampoo/conditioner/body wash/lotion (I have 3 of each shampoo/conditioner because I have a lot of hair)

-toothbrush/toothpaste (travel size, I just asked for an extra one at the dentist that last time I was there)

-face wash/moisturizer/face wipes/deodorant/chap stick

-sanitary pads/old granny panties/nursing pads (may or may not need these)

-razor/shaving cream (may not need, but needed them with Milah and didn’t have them)

-Qtips/hair brush/hair spray/mascara/light foundation (in case I am pale afterwards for pics)

-Kleenex/small first aid kit/hand sanitizer/small grooming kit for baby

-ear buds for phone&Kindle/charger for phone&Kindle (I will probably have a lot of time to myself…)

-socks with anti-slip bottoms/tie front robe/sweatpants/nursing bras

-going home outfit for baby and me (loose yoga pants and tshirt and onesie/pants for baby)

-change of clothes for David (important if he is coming from work: shorts, tshirt, beater, and boxers)

-tank tops for me/footie jammies for baby (he probably won’t need them but they are CUTE!)

-heating pad (for aches and pains, supposed to be good for laboring too!)

-snacks/body pillow/camera

-older receiving blanket (get the baby’s scent on it and take it home to our dog)

-I may also throw in some Tucks pads, will be useful if I push for an extended amount of time.

My hospital provides a lot of the disposable stuff like pads, mesh undies, hospital gowns, diapers and wipes for the baby. But sometimes it is nice to have your own. I will not be taking any diapers or wipes though. I am taking my body pillow because it is a pillow I do not care about. I just bought all new pillows and I don’t want to take a new one to the hospital…where there is a lot of bodily fluids leaking about!

Like I said, I am sure I over packed but I don’t want to be without something that I want or need! Hope this list works for someone else!!!



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