35 weeks-Now the fun stuff happens!

35 weeks! I think back to Milah’s pregnancy and this was not an exciting week then. I knew I had at least a full 5 weeks left. This time, with this guy sitting so low and putting amazing amounts of pressure on stuff inside of my body, this is a page turning week!

I have had tons of pressure and pain in that area…down there. The past few days have been a little different though. The pressure changed. It wasn’t vaginal pressure/pain anymore. It was an internal pressure, like up against my cervix kind of pressure. My hips have been hurting a little bit more and I felt him “drop” the other day. Not fun. Now, I can not get comfortable and sleeping has been terrible!

I mentioned the new pressure feeling to my doctor today and because I was already pants-less for my Group B strep test, she went ahead and checked my cervix. Well, I am kind of glad I mentioned this. I am already 1cm dilated! Which didn’t even happen at 39 weeks with Milah. We talked about the storms the other night that rolled (hailed) on the Midwest and my doctor is the type of doctor that believes that the weather sometimes has something to do with women going into labor. We discussed the Braxton Hicks that were happening during the storm and the fact that my stress has been through the roof this past week. She doesn’t think anything will happen for a couple of weeks though, which is fine! I want to make it to “full-term” or my 37 week mark, which is June 19th, our 4 year wedding anniversary!

My stress however could become an issue, even though after tomorrow, I should feel better. Poor Milah! She woke up with a runny nose on Monday, a fever on Tuesday and we have been fighting this fever ever since then! I did talk to her pediatrician’s nurse today and it seems like allergies, but we can’t be too sure. That was this morning and I literally just got off the phone with the office to make an appt for tomorrow. She is in a Benadryl fog right now, so maybe that is what is causing the lack of interest in food. But I still worry! Also, worried about making sure everything is ready for me to go to the hospital! I go back to the dr on Tuesday and then after that, I am making my husband clean out my car so we can install the base to the infant seat! I need to get a few things for my bag still and line something up for Milah. Which is the worst part! We live 3 hours from most family and my worry is David missing this birth because no one can make it down to watch her. My husband will also be out of town on Tuesday, which is nothing. It is a day trip and he will be home in the afternoon. But we have a lot to do before this guy comes and I may be freaking out a little!




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