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34 weeks and Hospital bag!

34 weeks!!! 3-6 weeks left! We are ready. Believe me, I am sitting here on my kindle (with a Schnauzer on my lap) writing this because of a Charlie horse I had yesterday morning that is still killing my left leg. Sucks. Even though, I woke up with a new niece this morning! My best friend and his wife (who was the one with the extreme morning sickness) delivered by c-section this morning due to Miss Georgia Ann (peach) thinking she didn’t need to be head down for a vaginal delivery. That is okay, we will take her however she wanted to come! The pictures I have seen so far, she is beautiful and looks a lot like mommy! Makes me super excited that I am only a few weeks away from our little guy arriving!
I do go back on Thursday for my 35 week appt so I have nothing too exciting this week except a hospital bag update. I have a couple of things to pick up still but on have almost everything packed. I do need to pack this heating pad I have wrapped around my calf right now. Sadly, I am not worried about my bag or anything, I am extremely worried about Milah and where she is going to go or who is going to watch her when I go into labor. While we do have family close, some are less than reliable. The closest work overnight and they are very hard to get a hold of during the day. The next closest still live an hour away and can not leave work during the day. David might miss this birth if things don’t go as planned, which is always possible. My mother in law has said that once I start diluting, she is coming down. Only problem with that is, she would have to bring David’s 5 year old niece and she doesn’t do well sharing attention. I want my mil to enjoy her new grandson without a child screaming (she did it with Milah) her face off. I really do not want any extra kids at the hospital either. Kids bring germs in and that’s all new babies need are germs. I might just make my mother come down once things start moving.
Weight gain is still pretty small but I am up 13 pounds now. I gained 14 with Milah so I am close to my weight gain this time. My belly button is starting to disappear though. And Milah is very worried about it. I am definitely getting comfortable now. A ton of pressure is the feeling. Sometimes it’s all vaginal pressure and then there are times that the pressure is internal and I feel like he is pressing against my cervix. I hope I have a quick labor and delivery though. I want to go fast!


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