My HONEST (company) review.

We have had skin issues in our household. This is not new to me. I have never been able to use bath soaps/body washes with a heavy sent or use lotion that was scented. I love Bath and Body Works but literally can not wear anything from there. Milah has been no different. She immediately had issues with Huggies brand wipes after she was born and issues with Johnson and Johnson baby wash and lotion. She out grew the issue with the baby wash and lotion but it has recently returned so we have switched again. Aveeno was the same though. Except, I started having issues with the Aveeno and since I am the one that gives her baths, I can not be having reactions to baby wash. So, we did some research!

First we tried Babyganics, which actually worked very well. Neither of us had any skin reactions to the body wash/shampoo or the lotion. Now, I am a licensed cosmetologist and am very picky about shampoo. I was not a huge fan of the shampoo. It did not rinse out well. I felt like it took forever for it to rinse out. I also do not like “foam” type shampoo. I didn’t mind it as a body wash but didn’t like it as a shampoo. I actually took those to my mom’s house for visits, this was, I don’t have to pack our stuff up when we visit.

BUT, now that Target carries Honest Company diapers and the rest of the line (ours doesn’t carry all of the products) I thought I would give it a try. 1st-Honest bubble bath. OMG! Milah loves bubble baths, but I was always scared to let her take them because of issues. This stuff did not irritate her skin at all! I am also in love with the scent! Ours is the tangerine dream scent and it is a very light scent! And it actually stays bubbly, unlike other baby bubble bath brands. I also had no issues! 2nd-Honest shampoo/body wash. Also, love the light scent on this! It is a citrus scent. You only need a very, very tiny amount for washing hair. This rinsed out very well. 3rd-Honest conditioner. LOVE this stuff! Same scent as the shampoo and oh my gosh, it leaves Milah’s hair so soft! She has some crazy ass curly hair and it is like bunny fluff after it dries for the night! I even used it once…love it!!! 4th-Honest diapers. Big one for us. We are die hard Huggies fans. So far, we love them! Milah loves the cherries and flowers on her set right now! They hold a surprising amount of liquid for being a diaper with less chemicals in them. I still use an overnight diaper for Milah but she naps in regular diapers. And she will nap anywhere from 1-4 hours. Which is a long time for diapers. Plus, she goes down right after lunch where she drinks a glass of milk. So far, I’m impressed!

They did not have any lotion in stock the last time I was there but that will be my next purchase. I can not wait to try the other products!!!


38 weeks-let’s be done now, please!

Why did I make the choice to be pregnant half way through a Midwest summer?!? It is so hot and humid right now. Sometimes in the evening and late afternoon, we can get an hour or so where it is perfect outside.

And yes, I’m still pregnant! But as of Tuesday, I was 2cm dilated and my cervix was super soft, which is a lot more progressed than what I was when I was here with Milah. My next appt will actually be the 3rd of July and I’m hoping we don’t make it to that day. June 27th is my grandma’s birthday and no one has hit her birthday yet…and there is a lot of us!

The contractions are getting more noticeable and happening more often! I also have some amazing cervical pressure from him basically being engaged in my pelvic bone. His movements are definitely slowing down and aren’t as big as before. My midwife said he is in great position and is face down, which is great since Milah was sunny side up until my water broke and I was fully dilated. That resulted in 48 hours of back labor. Wasn’t fun!

We are ready! We have some excited stuff happening in our lives and can’t wait for this little guy to get here! Milah is starting to take interest in other babies, so maybe she will like her little brother. She doesn’t play with baby dolls or anything like that. She is definitely like me and is more of a tomboy! Which is fine, she doesn’t mind being dirty and isn’t afraid of bugs! She does carry around a stuffed pig (piggy) and a blanket (baby) that was actually made for David when he was born. She doesn’t go to bed without either of these items.

We literally have everything ready for him! I set up our co-sleeper today and finally found some plain colored baby socks. I did find a diaper pail at our local Once Upon A Child, which is a consignment store here in Saint Joe, even though I know these are franchise stores and are all over! I got it for $7. Which brand new would have been around $40. Score!

We are very excited that our best friends from KC are coming to visit us next weekend and it would be nice to have a baby by then…or have him then! Either way, baby boy Paquin, let’s do this!



37 weeks-done, done and more done

Ugh! I am ready to be done! And we are ready! We are stocked up on food and the basic necessities and I am nesting like crazy! Everyone is patiently waiting for the arrival of baby boy Paquin!

I go back back to my Doctor on Tuesday and hopefully things are a little bit further than a couple weeks ago! Would be nice to have this baby the beginning part of the week since David has Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. Even though, he will take more time off. Depending on how my appt goes this week, my mother in law may be coming down towards the end of the week. Even though, she has injured her back and is nervous about having to lift Milah but she shouldn’t have to do that that much. Milah really is not the “carry me” type.

We did celebrate our anniversary this past week. 4 years! That went super fast.

I have been trying some “old wives tales” ways to induce labor though. Here are a few that we have read about and have tried so far.
Pineapple-apparently there is an enzyme that is supposed to help soften and dilate your cervix. The problem is, you have to eat a lot of pineapple! And it has to be fresh, the canning process kills that enzyme.
Walking-all day Friday, Milah and I got out and about and did a ton of shopping. I needed a few things for baby and also picked up some Honest products at Target! And of course, groceries!
Cleaning-I have been super busy nesting! I am hoping to have the rest done today! I have dishes to catch up on!
Raspberry leaf tea-I have only drank a couple of cups so far. This isn’t really to induce labor, it’s suppose to help tone your uterus. I am not a fan of the after taste of this tea.
We have not tried a few things like castor oil and we have not tried sex. Castor oil can and will give you the shits…I don’t want that. Not to mention, it could affect the baby’s bowels and they could have a bowel movement while still in uterus and then inhale it. Not good! And we haven’t tried sex yet because of the schedule my husband is on. He is so exhausted by the time for bed and we have been waiting for his work week to be over. So maybe soon!
But, I do understand that babies will come when they are ready, so if he wants to wait another couple of weeks, he can do what he wants. Even though, my doctor is out of town this week and with my luck, it will happen with her gone.



36-37 weeks-contractions and my heart rate

Saturday was a terrible day for me…no energy, no appetite and a ton of crap to get done! My husband was at work and I had a living room to pick up and a kitchen to clean. I didn’t do any of it. I was beyond exhausted. Milah and I laid on the floor and ate Popsicles for hours because it was the only thing I really wanted to eat. We all went to bed early that night and got tons of rest! Sunday, I nested (thank God!) and I sorted toys, which got boxed up, cleaned my living room, vacuumed and did some dishes. I have also been working on laundry, which is all caught up, I just need to put it all away!
Saturday was also weird though. After all the laying around I did, I felt different. I actually felt the baby drop (or engage/lightening). My doctor’s appt confirmed that on Monday. Baby Paquin has engaged and definitely dropped into position! His heart rate is great, mine on the other hand was a little high. Let me explain though, it was literally 90 degrees outside and the humidity was horrific! I also carried my 2 year old into the office that day. The nurse checked my rate twice and it was pretty high and I could feel my heart beating that hard and fast. But when the Midwife came in to check me over, she listened to my heart while I was laying down during the dopplar and belly measure. I had slowed way down and I felt much better then. I also told her about the weird cramps I had been having, which turns out, they are contractions! I had 2 contractions while she was listening to the baby with the dopplar…and then a ton at home yesterday! Today they haven’t been that bad, but I definitely can tell that they are happening!

She advised me to make sure my bags are packed and in the car! The Midwife did not check my cervix because of the threat of early labor and I would like to wait at least until the weekend! My husband was also in Kansas City yesterday (and today) getting his car serviced and new tires! I didn’t want to be set off with him over and hour away and no one to take my daughter! And I would like to wait until the weekend so I can go grocery shopping one more time before I go into labor. With family being 3 hours away, I don’t want to risk early labor with no one here! Even though, this weekend would be nice! I will keep everyone posted!!!


36 weeks-hospital bag and hospital tour

Well…while I am still only at 1cm, I am now 50% effaced! Which means my cervix is ripening or softening, which means things are (hopefully) progressing on their own! Baby is still sitting a little bit high but I can feel a difference on much lower he has been. I keep getting this weird cramp or spasm in my right hip/groin area. It is actually pretty painful! I normally get the pain right after I have been sitting for too long and then stand up and try to walk around too fast. I have also been having some “menstrual-like” cramping in that area you have cramps. I never had any of these pains with Milah, so I know he is much lower than what she was. TMI warning!!! I have no had constipation issues, but almost a little softer than normal. Which IS normal. I had the same thing with Milah, and read that your body is getting ready for child birth so it is cleaning some areas out…sorry for that visual…Other than that, normal symptoms still, a ton of vaginal pressure and that amazing third trimester exhaustion! I go back on Monday to see the Midwife and hopefully find out if anything is progressing. My poor doctor has been running around so busy the past week! When I was there last week, she had scheduled me on a different day than normal because of her being at the hospital all week. They called about an hour before my appt to let me know she was running late due to some emergency surgeries and pushed me back an hour, which was fine! I actually didn’t know if I would even see her last time but she was able to sneak away for a few appts and then head right back out to more deliveries. I am just hoping I am lucky enough to have her deliver ours when it’s time!

I did meet with the registration nurse and she went over a ton of hospital stuff with me last week! I was nervous because I hadn’t read the best reviews on this hospital but was surprised on my tour! The maternity wing is very nice! They have, which most hospitals do now, the anti-theft system for the babies. There is a big red line on the floor of the wing and if the baby crosses it, the doors lock and alarms sound. The hospital in Virginia had it and someone set it off while we were still there…scared the crap out of me! The rooms are very nice also! In Va, we delivered on one wing and then recovered on a different wing. But that area is much larger and it was a very large hospital! Here, I labor, deliver, recover, and stay in my room, which is how my home-town hospital did it, unless you have a c-section, then they have a recovery room for you and a stay room. But the rooms are huge and they do have the chairs that fold out into beds, which I am not sure how much time David will be spending there at night because of Milah. We are still struggling with the family schedule and someone being here at the right time. Which will be a different post…

BUT!!! I finished my hospital bag!!!…finally! I may have over packed though, which I feel like a ton of people do. I went through it several times to try and downsize but I feel like I can’t downsize no matter what! I also feel like every time I go through it, I add something to it…I need to stop doing that! But here is my finalized list!!!

-travel size shampoo/conditioner/body wash/lotion (I have 3 of each shampoo/conditioner because I have a lot of hair)

-toothbrush/toothpaste (travel size, I just asked for an extra one at the dentist that last time I was there)

-face wash/moisturizer/face wipes/deodorant/chap stick

-sanitary pads/old granny panties/nursing pads (may or may not need these)

-razor/shaving cream (may not need, but needed them with Milah and didn’t have them)

-Qtips/hair brush/hair spray/mascara/light foundation (in case I am pale afterwards for pics)

-Kleenex/small first aid kit/hand sanitizer/small grooming kit for baby

-ear buds for phone&Kindle/charger for phone&Kindle (I will probably have a lot of time to myself…)

-socks with anti-slip bottoms/tie front robe/sweatpants/nursing bras

-going home outfit for baby and me (loose yoga pants and tshirt and onesie/pants for baby)

-change of clothes for David (important if he is coming from work: shorts, tshirt, beater, and boxers)

-tank tops for me/footie jammies for baby (he probably won’t need them but they are CUTE!)

-heating pad (for aches and pains, supposed to be good for laboring too!)

-snacks/body pillow/camera

-older receiving blanket (get the baby’s scent on it and take it home to our dog)

-I may also throw in some Tucks pads, will be useful if I push for an extended amount of time.

My hospital provides a lot of the disposable stuff like pads, mesh undies, hospital gowns, diapers and wipes for the baby. But sometimes it is nice to have your own. I will not be taking any diapers or wipes though. I am taking my body pillow because it is a pillow I do not care about. I just bought all new pillows and I don’t want to take a new one to the hospital…where there is a lot of bodily fluids leaking about!

Like I said, I am sure I over packed but I don’t want to be without something that I want or need! Hope this list works for someone else!!!



35 weeks-Now the fun stuff happens!

35 weeks! I think back to Milah’s pregnancy and this was not an exciting week then. I knew I had at least a full 5 weeks left. This time, with this guy sitting so low and putting amazing amounts of pressure on stuff inside of my body, this is a page turning week!

I have had tons of pressure and pain in that area…down there. The past few days have been a little different though. The pressure changed. It wasn’t vaginal pressure/pain anymore. It was an internal pressure, like up against my cervix kind of pressure. My hips have been hurting a little bit more and I felt him “drop” the other day. Not fun. Now, I can not get comfortable and sleeping has been terrible!

I mentioned the new pressure feeling to my doctor today and because I was already pants-less for my Group B strep test, she went ahead and checked my cervix. Well, I am kind of glad I mentioned this. I am already 1cm dilated! Which didn’t even happen at 39 weeks with Milah. We talked about the storms the other night that rolled (hailed) on the Midwest and my doctor is the type of doctor that believes that the weather sometimes has something to do with women going into labor. We discussed the Braxton Hicks that were happening during the storm and the fact that my stress has been through the roof this past week. She doesn’t think anything will happen for a couple of weeks though, which is fine! I want to make it to “full-term” or my 37 week mark, which is June 19th, our 4 year wedding anniversary!

My stress however could become an issue, even though after tomorrow, I should feel better. Poor Milah! She woke up with a runny nose on Monday, a fever on Tuesday and we have been fighting this fever ever since then! I did talk to her pediatrician’s nurse today and it seems like allergies, but we can’t be too sure. That was this morning and I literally just got off the phone with the office to make an appt for tomorrow. She is in a Benadryl fog right now, so maybe that is what is causing the lack of interest in food. But I still worry! Also, worried about making sure everything is ready for me to go to the hospital! I go back to the dr on Tuesday and then after that, I am making my husband clean out my car so we can install the base to the infant seat! I need to get a few things for my bag still and line something up for Milah. Which is the worst part! We live 3 hours from most family and my worry is David missing this birth because no one can make it down to watch her. My husband will also be out of town on Tuesday, which is nothing. It is a day trip and he will be home in the afternoon. But we have a lot to do before this guy comes and I may be freaking out a little!



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34 weeks and Hospital bag!

34 weeks!!! 3-6 weeks left! We are ready. Believe me, I am sitting here on my kindle (with a Schnauzer on my lap) writing this because of a Charlie horse I had yesterday morning that is still killing my left leg. Sucks. Even though, I woke up with a new niece this morning! My best friend and his wife (who was the one with the extreme morning sickness) delivered by c-section this morning due to Miss Georgia Ann (peach) thinking she didn’t need to be head down for a vaginal delivery. That is okay, we will take her however she wanted to come! The pictures I have seen so far, she is beautiful and looks a lot like mommy! Makes me super excited that I am only a few weeks away from our little guy arriving!
I do go back on Thursday for my 35 week appt so I have nothing too exciting this week except a hospital bag update. I have a couple of things to pick up still but on have almost everything packed. I do need to pack this heating pad I have wrapped around my calf right now. Sadly, I am not worried about my bag or anything, I am extremely worried about Milah and where she is going to go or who is going to watch her when I go into labor. While we do have family close, some are less than reliable. The closest work overnight and they are very hard to get a hold of during the day. The next closest still live an hour away and can not leave work during the day. David might miss this birth if things don’t go as planned, which is always possible. My mother in law has said that once I start diluting, she is coming down. Only problem with that is, she would have to bring David’s 5 year old niece and she doesn’t do well sharing attention. I want my mil to enjoy her new grandson without a child screaming (she did it with Milah) her face off. I really do not want any extra kids at the hospital either. Kids bring germs in and that’s all new babies need are germs. I might just make my mother come down once things start moving.
Weight gain is still pretty small but I am up 13 pounds now. I gained 14 with Milah so I am close to my weight gain this time. My belly button is starting to disappear though. And Milah is very worried about it. I am definitely getting comfortable now. A ton of pressure is the feeling. Sometimes it’s all vaginal pressure and then there are times that the pressure is internal and I feel like he is pressing against my cervix. I hope I have a quick labor and delivery though. I want to go fast!