Birth plan!!!!


I scoured the internet, Google searched and searched Pinterest for ideas. But really, a lot of my plan came from reading articles and articles and books! I didn’t want to have another experience like I did with Milah, no one wants that, especially my husband…

With Milah, my Doctor stripped my membranes and it immediately sent me into “labor”, or what I thought was labor. I had contractions and was uncomfortable after my appt that day. I went to triage that night and was sent home due to irregular contractions and no dilation. I spent the next 40 hours thinking I was dying of pain from back labor. Then by the time I was admitted, I no longer wanted my husband or mother rubbing my back because they had made it so sore. Thank god for epidurals! It took another 17 hours after being admitted before my water broke and I was fully dilated. Then 2 hours of pushing, which led to an assisted birth with a vacuum extraction before Milah was actually born!

I am hoping this birth goes a little smoother than Milah’s. With that said, here is my “birth plan”.

No stripping membranes-I want to go into labor by myself…even if that means going past my due date. I want to be able to walk around, sit on a birthing ball and not be stuck in a bed (unless I have an epidural)-I am not against an epidural, I had one with Milah. But that kind of goes back to the membrane stripping situation. I do not want to start pushing until I have the urge-I think this was another reason I had to have an assisted birth with Milah. I started pushing right away and really did not have the urge to push. I pushed for over 2 hours and got no where and got tired quick. Epidurals-again, not against them at all! Episiotomy-I do not want one. I would rather tear naturally, even though, Milah had a giant head (Paquin side head) so I think I shouldn’t have any troubles with another one. And I never had significant tearing with her but just because I was numb and had very slight tearing, we did the stitches while I was numb.

I really do not have an extensive list for labor and delivery, everything I am truly worried about happens afterwards and directed towards the baby side of this. Disclaimer: Everything is based on a normal delivery, some of these may not be preform due to an emergency or something going terribly wrong.

Immediate skin to skin-almost every hospital does this now, unless there is an issue. I never got to do this Milah though, not that I was terribly upset but I still missed out on that experience with her. I did get to prop my self up on my elbows and watch as the cut her cord and watch as the NICU team examined her. Which her health was more important than a little skin to skin, which I did get over an hour of that after I was moved to Mother and Baby. Delayed Cord Clamping-which my doctor has explained that they practice this regularly now in my hospital. They now wait for the cord to stop pulsating, which supplies the baby with more blood. Instead of immediately clamping it off, they wait for 3 or 4 minutes to let the blood drain from the placenta and more for the baby. Delay bathing baby-this scares a lot of people because babies are kind of gross when they come out. But I want to establish breastfeeding and have a good amount of skin to skin time before he receives his first bath. I never even got the chance to watch them bathe Milah, they did that out of the room before I could even let them know that I wanted to watch and delay it. I also want my placenta back for Placenta Encapsulation. I am hoping not to have a milk supply issue but I do not want to travel down that road again. No formula or pacifiers-Milah was jaundice and we were advised to give her formula to help flush the bilirubin out of her system faster. My milk had not fully come in yet, so it seemed like the right choice. Which affected my supply. And she never had a pacifier until about 6 weeks of age when we tried to introduce one while flying, she hated it and never took one. She normally gagged on them. And our pediatrician already knows about the circumcision, so that is already been taken care of!

We are very laid back people, so if anything doesn’t go our way or something can not happen due to some mishap, we are not overly worried. Everything on my list has been approved by my Doctor, which you will want to do because sometimes people have ridiculous expectations that can not be met. All I need to do is type mine up and stick it in my hospital bag!!!


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