33 weeks-wedding, pressure (so much pressure), and factory resets!

33 weeks!!! So close, yet so far away! It literally has been the longest week of my life! The weekend part being the longest! Weddings are fun, most of the time. But when no has any effing idea what they need to be doing or what needs to be done, it gets a little stressful!

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the wedding and loved being able to see my sister marry her best friend, but good God, I am spent. I am still recovering, and I didn’t even drink or dance! David, Milah and I were blessed enough to all be apart of the wedding and lucky enough to have spent it with them. But seriously, I am done! All I have to say is, I was glad that we live 3 hours from family, far enough I really didn’t have to do a lot. But then again, not a lot got done. I did the bridal shower, which was great. I didn’t have to do the bachelorette party, which was nice. I did however get put in charge of hair, which wasn’t bad…if I had sister’s who could keep their hands out of their freaking hair! But it all worked out in the end. A little advice to women out there who are recently engaged and planning: Do not put anyone in charge of anything. If you want something done, do it yourself! I did EVERYTHING myself for our wedding. I didn’t rely on my bridesmaids or sisters to do anything (other than order their dresses). When you put too many cooks in the kitchen, shit hits the fan, especially when they are all girls…SO. MANY. HORMONES!!!!!!

Speaking of hormones-I have a 5 pound baby bouncing his lovey head off of my birth canal or cervix or something. OMG! So much pressure. I swear that kid was going to fall out of my at the wedding. I spent most of the day holding the under side of my belly to help relieve some of that pressure, which didn’t help! I have felt a million times better since the weekend but have been told to stay home and not travel farther than an hour or so from home. My doctor was very, very clear before the wedding that I was not to be dancing or “dropping it like it was hot”. Her words, not mine. (lol) We actually left the reception a little early because of Milah and the people who were a little out of control, stepping on little kids. I gave Milah and I a nice warm bath, because she was gross from the reception and I was gross from, well…pressure. I felt so much better by the next morning and even slept way better that night. We left on Sunday afternoon and drove home…in the rain. Heavy rain in a couple of spots, but made it!

I was a little bummed last week though. I normally sit on the couch with a laptop and do everything on it! And I mean EVERYTHING! Milah decided it needed to be reset, which is ok excpet she did a factory reset. Like millions of freaking pictures gone kind of reset. That laptop is actually David’s laptop from KU so it has some miles on it anyways, but it worked so good!!!! Now it doesn’t want to do anything. No Facebook, no Google, no WordPress…nothing! Luckily for me (or Milah) a lot of my pictures were posted on Facebook and I had my phone synced with FB so all of my pictures got pulled my phone into a private album! THANK GOD!!!! While there is a lot that are gone forever, the important ones should still be here. I also keep all of our “camera” pics on memory cards  and on discs locked away in our lock box! So, we are both lucky!


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