32-33 weeks-amazing dr visit!

A lot has been going on this week! I am getting ready to head to Iowa for a wedding and have been trying to finish my birth plan and hospital bag. Along with doing laundry and trying to get everything ready for the new baby that is due to arrive in a few weeks! Not to mention all the new “symptoms” that are going on. More annoyances than symptoms…

I am starting to get uncomfortable, not terribly uncomfortable, just a little bit. To the point where I don’t want to be climbed on by a toddler or a schnauzer. I can sleep pretty well once I get in a comfy position but sometimes that takes awhile. I do get up multiple times to use the restroom, but that is expected! I do not get heartburn like I did with Milah. I do get it from time to time, mostly when I start getting hungry or sometimes when I lay down for bed. With Milah, it was all day, everyday. I was up most of the night with acid floating in my throat and if I didn’t have heartburn, there was something wrong! My mood swings have been a little better. From time to time, I still get a little edgy though. Mostly when I am stressed over something like finances or getting ready for baby #2 get me going. Bending over is getting difficult, but thankfully, if I drop food, Bennett cleans it up and if I drop anything else, Milah normally grabs it for me! Everything else is very normal pregnant stuff.

My (technically) 33 week appointment went great! I really enjoy my doctor and can not wait to deliver with her, if she is there when I do! We went over my birth plan and my wishes for immediately after delivery and she approved everything. Some things I had written down were there for me to remember to ask her about. I will have a separate post about my birth plan and hospital bag some time next week. I got all of my questions answered and discussed a few things she had to go over with me. I am excited for my appointment with the registration nurse, which she will go over registration and probably everything to do with hospital stuff. I hoping she will take me on a hospital tour at that point also. Guess we will find out June 9th!

My blood pressure is great, along with any testing they did. I only gained 1 pound since my last appt, which puts me at a total of 11 pounds. Baby Paquin is measuring on track, so not too big or too small. Heart rate was great at 150 bpm. He is still head down and very low! She wasn’t concerned about how low he was, even though he is putting a ton of pressure on my hips. I will have one more two week appt and then will go back weekly!!! AHHH, so crazy how fast this trimester is going! And now I am stressing again…


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