Vacuum fears, barking devices and the mouse!

We caught a mouse! Apparently the one that has been terrorizing my kitchen for the past week! He was brave and quick, but not quick enough. I bought traps on Sunday and we finally set it out last night, after 2 days of me irritating my husband. One hour (one freaking hour) is all it took to catch him! We laid Milah down for bed at 9pm, set the trap at 9:30pm and had the mouse by 10:30pm! Say what?!? Yes, one hour! That’s how brave he was! We went to bed at 9:30 and I got up at 10:25 to go to the restroom one last time before falling asleep and when I was trying to get comfortable in bed, I heard that loud POP! Scared the crap out of Bennett and me! The pop isn’t what concerned me though, it was all the noise and banging around that followed that loud ass pop! I seriously thought someone was trying to break into our apartment! Then I realized what that noise was, so I woke up David, because I didn’t want to see what we caught. Poor little mouse, he didn’t deserve what happened to him, but that is what he gets for rummaging my kitchen for the past week! Normally these traps snap around their chest or neck, killing them immediately…not this guy. He must of been quicker than your average mouse. He got snapped at his arm…oh yes, his poor little arm. My stove was a blood bath this morning because she tried to chew through his little arm to set himself free. Luckily, my husband was up at 4am and cleaned up most of it but was on a time restriction and had to leave for work. He got most of the massacre cleaned up, including the still-alive mouse! But I had to Clorox the stove top and counters…again! Poor guy!

Speaking of poor guys, Bennett has been naughty! Now, he is a schnauzer so he barks at EVERYTHING!!! The new issue I have faced with him is troubling though. He always barks when people knock on the door, but now he thinks he needs to be right there when I answer it. This last time we ordered pizza, they knocked, he barked, I pushed him away and he bit me! Yep, that’s right, bit my freaking knee!!! He doesn’t do it out of aggression, he does it because he gets excited and wants to be the first one to the door. Mostly, because he thinks it David’s parents and he LOVES David’s mom! So, I went to buy a bark collar, not a shock collar though, an ultrasonic one. The ultrasonic emits a sound that only dogs can hear, they DO NOT like that sound. I wanted a humane collar, even though this one scares the crap out of him! The first time he barked with it on, he literally ran crying into the backroom and hid for 30 minutes. We also have a “Bark Off device that hangs out by our front door. The battery died forever ago and we never replaced it. Well, I did this time! I love the box by the front door more than the collar. 1. I don’t have to remove his other collar for it to work. 2. I don’t like the collar. But, he is getting better and is slowly learning.

Another noise my dog (and kid) doesn’t like is the vacuum! Bennett has always been terrified of vacuum cleaners, the noise hurts his ears and he always hides when I pull it out! Milah, on the other hand, is new to this irrational fear. She hides, cries and runs from it. Normally right when it gets turned on. She NEVER used to be afraid of it though. She also does not like loud noises. Fireworks were a huge mistakes last year, believe me, we probably won’t take her back this year! But yesterday, she didn’t hide or cry when I turned it on! In fact, she sat on the couch while I vacuumed off the couch! She still isn’t 100% on the vacuum, but progress is progress! Such an eventful week at our house!!!!


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