32 weeks…wait, did I just pee myself?!?!

32 weeks!!! I could have 5 weeks left, which I would like, or I could have up to 8 weeks left, which is okay too! Either way, I AM READY! Yesterday was a bad day! Fresh hormones, super effing cranky and I didn’t want to be messed with…at all. My husband just stayed clear of the war path I was on. I tried to take nap while Milah napped but that was a failed idea due to the freaking landscaping people who felt the need to spend 10 plus minutes on our patio with their leaf blower…thanks! So, I got up and folded clothes until my bed was cleared. Called my mom and talked to her about a few things and then felt a million times better. Amazing how talking to your mother makes you feel better!

I am still a little grumpy today, but not as bad as yesterday! I do have a dentist appt today which is just a cleaning, except my favorite hygienist is longer at my office. 😦 I miss her already! But we are trying to stay regular with our oral health these days, so I HAVE to go! I still need to get my root canal done but haven’t had the time or extra money for that! Maybe one of these days! My morning has been extremely productive though. I cleaned my counters off, along with my stove top because I suspected a mouse has been visiting us and I was right. David gets to set up mouse traps tonight! This is not the first time we have had issues with mice in this apartment building. They seem to come in the dryer vents and apparently feel the need to torture me. I hate rodents…and spiders! Now, we do have a dog and mice seem to LOVE dog food. We do keep it in an air tight container but sometimes Bennett doesn’t eat his food or he drops pieces around the kitchen. You would think that Bennett would try to catch the mouse but he doesn’t. We actually haven’t seen this one. The one we had last year, was brave! He ran out during the day and scared the crap out of me…he died though! We caught him. This one hasn’t been seen and the only reason I know we have a mouse is the droppings I found. Sneaky little ass. We also live next to a lot of open fields and the highway, so I guess I’m not surprised.

I also got to experience the weirdest feeling last night. I never had it Milah and this was the first time feeling it this pregnancy. It may have scared me too! I was running around doing a few things last night while on the phone with my mom, I was in the door way talking to David and all of a sudden…I though I peed myself!!! Wait, what?!?! The feeling was weird. I actually didn’t pee myself. I don’t know if I pinched a nerve or just had a twitch or something. Whatever it was, it freaked me out! I had the feeling that something was running down my leg, then immediately I thought, oh god, I peed myself. Then my mind went to OMG, my water just broke!?!?! Wait…my leg isn’t actually wet! What the eff? Weird! There was nothing there, I checked several times. I have no idea what happened!

I am also starting to get uncomfortable. Not so much while sleeping, but just while doing everyday activities. I still am up only 10 pounds, which is normal for me. I go back to my doctor on Monday, so hopefully I have a better update for you soon!



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