Hospital bags, birth plans, and baby lists…Oh my! (warning: TMI)

Birth Plan-done, hospital bag-almost done, baby needs-not really done. We do have the car seat and the basic necessities for him to come home to, if he feels the need to come early. I still have a few more weeks before I really need to worry about that though!

My birth plan: get him out! I Yes, there are a couple of things I do or do not want to be done, but most importantly, get him out safely and healthy! Unless it is absolutely necessary and there is an emergency, I DO NOT want a caesarean! I really prefer not to be cut open and have a longer recovery time, especially with a very busy toddler at home. Not my cup of tea! And speaking out being cut open, (TMI warning) I do not want to have an episiotomy. I had very little tearing with Milah and she had a large head AND had to be vacuumed out. I know it is necessary sometimes, but I have heard the horror stories. Also not my cup of tea. Something that I want to do a little different this time is waiting to push. I really believe that the reason Milah had to be assisted with the vacuum was because I started pushing too early. My water had just broke and I fully dilated when that happened, they had me start pushing immediately. I think if I would have waited for her to descend a little bit, I wouldn’t have pushed for over 2 hours and needed the vacuum. I got extremely tired and with that giant light over me, I got overheated. I will not touch the subject of epidurals because I do not care. I had one with Milah and caught a lot of crap from everyone! When you have 2 days of horrific back labor, you can tell me how to labor after being admitted. We (David, my mother, and I) were all exhausted after being admitted. Except I never really slept after the epidural was placed, because I WAS EXCITED!!!

Most of my “birth plan” is focused on what needs to happen AFTER he is born. I know I have discussed these in previous posts, but, why not again. These are all based on “if at all possible”. My doctor and I have talked about them and we are both on the same page with anything that could go wrong but probably won’t. Delayed cord clamping-SO many benefits. Even though some doctors believe it could cause jaundice, my doctor is not one of them. She loves doing this and loves that I want to do this! Milah was very jaundice and we had to stay an extra night after she was born and was still bound to the apartment for a few days afterwards because she was sent home with a light to help. Immediate skin to skin and breastfeeding-Again, so many benefits! I did not get to do the “baby gets pulled out and placed on your tummy/chest” due to the assisted birth. Milah had to be looked over by the neonatal team to make sure that nothing happened during the vacuum extraction. Which was fine, but sad at the same time. This helps establish breastfeeding before anything else, along with that bonding experience. I struggled with a milk supply with Milah, so this one is huge for me! Along with that, no formula or pacifiers are to be given to him. Due to Milah’s jaundice and me not knowing any better or hard it would be to break her, DEFINITELY no formula! Looking back, I should have cut the formula out as soon as we got home, but didn’t because I thought I was already struggling with a low supply. And because I am worried about supply this time, I will be trying Placenta Encapsulation. Yes, sounds gross, but again, SO MANY BENEFITS! I am not brave enough to just chop it up and drop pieces into a blender for a smoothie, so I have a local Doula coming to pick it up and prepare it for me!

As for my hospital bag, it is almost packed. I have a few more things to toss in there and I am powering through laundry this week to make sure everything is ready for the bag. I have all of my toiletries packed, along with some clothes. And when I am completely done packing it, I will have a post done also! I probably over packed, but you can never be too prepared! I also bought a seriously cute bag just for this occasion! I used our carry-on suitcase with Milah, but that is busy these days with us traveling a lot for my sister’s wedding coming up!

On to the never ending baby list. These are always never ending! I have plucked a few pre-made lists from catalogs that were sent to me, thanks to Target and BabiesRus! I have also made my own list but it pretty similar to the others. One of these days, when we don’t have a million things going on, maybe we can make it out to get some stuff! I really want to check out BuyBuyBaby in Kansas City! We also need to get Milah summer clothes!


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