31 weeks-4D scan and birth plans…

Technically I won’t be 31 weeks until tomorrow (Thursday May 8) but I already had my Dr appt this week and just got done with our 4D scan. While this week is still kind of boring, now the planning and last minute things happen. Trying to finalize everything…birth plans, hospital bags, arrangements for your other child/dog, pediatricians (luckily we have one already because of Milah), lists, lists, lists! EVERYWHERE I have lists! The crazy kind too. Some of them do not make sense to other people, but to you, you know exactly what they mean!

Birth plans are annoying, but they have to be done! I am really not picky as long as I do not need to have a c-section. Unless it is an emergency and we are both in need of immediate medical assistance, I prefer to push them out! I am not against epidurals, I had one with Milah! I am hoping to do it without one this time though, I did two days of back labor with her, so I was ready for some kind of relief! I also to have a preference on an episiotomy. I do not want them to cut me like that….I want to tear naturally. Milah had a large head and needed to be vacuumed out. I had very little tearing with her, so…no need for one! Other than that, everything I am worried about happens after the baby comes out! Delayed cord clamping, immediate skin to skin, immediate breastfeeding, and delaying his first bath. I do want my placenta back too, for encapsulation purposes!

Speaking of placenta encapsultion, our 4D ultrasound tech asked me about it today during my scan. She said she had only heard of this one other time and didn’t have time to look it up until today when she was browsing over my chart. We laughed about the interesting pictures that are out there. But she agreed with the health benefits behind it and can see why it is becoming popuar! I really just want to try it for the increased milk supply, I am hoping to stay away from having to supplement with formula like I did with Milah. Baby boy Paquin’s scan was perfect though! He was a little shy and was hiding to begin with but after laying on my side for a few minutes, he rolled into a great position! He looks a lot like Milah but different at the same time! I can not wait for the next 6-9 weeks to go by so I can hold him and show him the world!

My doctors appt was great though, even if I had to sit in the waiting room for 40 minutes because they had the wrong chart pulled and was calling someone else’s name. After that, great appointment! Because I was one of the last patients for the day, I got to sit and discuss in length some items on my “birth plan”. And we got to discuss weight gain…always a hot topic for me. I have only gained 10 pounds, which I was excited about, then got shot down. When the nurse weighed me and I was excited about the 10 pounds, she asked “10 lbs, whole pregnancy or 10 lbs in the last week?” I said whole pregnancy…she was concerned. Back story-I only gained 14 lbs with Milah and she weighed 7 lbs 2oz. I don’t know why I don’t gain a ton of weight, not that you should gain a “ton” of weight but most women gain 25-35 pounds! I don’t think I was made to gain that much weight with babies and believe me…I am ALL BABY! My butt doesn’t grow, neither do my boobs…boo! But my doctor has made her peace with my weight gain and because he is measuring on track, she doesn’t really care right now!

But, I need to get back to my lists…wish me luck!



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