30 weeks-Allergies and hormonal rage!

30 weeks!!!! I could have only 7 weeks left but will probably have 10 weeks left!!! Who cares though? I, on one hand, want them to go by fast! But on the other, want them to slow down because we have a lot going on!! Not to mention the temps in the Midwest are reaching high 80’s or above this weekend and week…UGH! Hello air conditioning!

We are also fighting allergies in this house! Poor David and Milah, I apparently am not allowed to leave the windows open to let the apartment air out from winter. David is seeing an allergy doctor right now and has been tested for the allergy shots, which he started this past week. He has a fairly bad egg allergy that is sometimes worse than other times. We also knew about the cat and dog allergy, hence the Mini Schnauzer. Something new on the list is dust mites and pollen or outdoor allergens. I kind of figured the dust though, every time I move stuff around and rustle up dust, he has issues. So, I have been trying to keep the house dust free and am trying to wash our sheets and blankets a little bit more, since Bennett sleeps with us in bed. Schnauzers are “hypoallergenic”, even though they say that no breed can be hypoallergenic, but he doesn’t normally bother David’s allergies/asthma. We have had him for over 3 years and the worse he has done has been hives from licking or play-biting, which is the saliva bothering him. The worst part is, Milah woke up with a runny nose on Friday…right before her doctor’s appt for her 2 yr check up. Her pediatrician looked her over head to toe and check her ears, nose and throat for me too! She has been favoring one ear today but the dr thinks it might be teeth bothering her ears and runny nose, or allergies bothering her nose. Which, if she is like her father, is probably the right diagnosis! She was running a low grade fever, which is probably from her vaccine yesterday. So, she got Benadryl last night and Tylenol today. Ugh! A bunch of sick kids here!

I luckily have stayed away from the allergy train this year, which I normally don’t have Spring/Summer allergies. Fall is my allergy season, all that corn and bean dust drive my sinuses insane!!! And living in the Midwest during harvest is amazing for my allergies!! I miss Virginia were they didn’t have corn and bean dust. Instead, my hormones have been out of control!!! It doesn’t help that we have a lot coming up in the next few weeks. Not to mention a few things going on in our lives…who knew? I was told to wait until the last couple of weeks before the wedding to get my bridesmaid dress fitted because I will be a freaking blimp…so now I am trying to decide if I want to drive to Iowa (3hours) or Kansas City (1hour) to get it done. I have to do it Mother’s Day weekend because it will be 2 weeks before the wedding. My mom is mailing my dress to me so I can get it done in KC. Other than wedding excitement, we are just trying to get ready here. Trying to make sure the apartment is ready for another one and making sure we are ready and prepared for another one! My hormones have been getting the best of my emotions. If I get upset, I dwell on the problem until it drives me insane or I freak out and yell at my poor husband…my poor, poor husband. Some of it is cabin fever too. I am so tired of being stuck at home on his days off, but since the weather is supposed to be fantastic this week, we are definitely getting out…and if WE don’t, Milah and I are!!!

The nice thing is, my mother in law should be down soon to help me finish up a few things for the new one. And maybe her and I can get out to do a few things, without Milah. It has been a very long time since her and I have been out together, just us two. Probably since I was pregnant with Milah. I would also love to get my hair done before my sister’s wedding, I could really use that kind of pampering!

crazy bitch


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