Birth plan!!!!


I scoured the internet, Google searched and searched Pinterest for ideas. But really, a lot of my plan came from reading articles and articles and books! I didn’t want to have another experience like I did with Milah, no one wants that, especially my husband…

With Milah, my Doctor stripped my membranes and it immediately sent me into “labor”, or what I thought was labor. I had contractions and was uncomfortable after my appt that day. I went to triage that night and was sent home due to irregular contractions and no dilation. I spent the next 40 hours thinking I was dying of pain from back labor. Then by the time I was admitted, I no longer wanted my husband or mother rubbing my back because they had made it so sore. Thank god for epidurals! It took another 17 hours after being admitted before my water broke and I was fully dilated. Then 2 hours of pushing, which led to an assisted birth with a vacuum extraction before Milah was actually born!

I am hoping this birth goes a little smoother than Milah’s. With that said, here is my “birth plan”.

No stripping membranes-I want to go into labor by myself…even if that means going past my due date. I want to be able to walk around, sit on a birthing ball and not be stuck in a bed (unless I have an epidural)-I am not against an epidural, I had one with Milah. But that kind of goes back to the membrane stripping situation. I do not want to start pushing until I have the urge-I think this was another reason I had to have an assisted birth with Milah. I started pushing right away and really did not have the urge to push. I pushed for over 2 hours and got no where and got tired quick. Epidurals-again, not against them at all! Episiotomy-I do not want one. I would rather tear naturally, even though, Milah had a giant head (Paquin side head) so I think I shouldn’t have any troubles with another one. And I never had significant tearing with her but just because I was numb and had very slight tearing, we did the stitches while I was numb.

I really do not have an extensive list for labor and delivery, everything I am truly worried about happens afterwards and directed towards the baby side of this. Disclaimer: Everything is based on a normal delivery, some of these may not be preform due to an emergency or something going terribly wrong.

Immediate skin to skin-almost every hospital does this now, unless there is an issue. I never got to do this Milah though, not that I was terribly upset but I still missed out on that experience with her. I did get to prop my self up on my elbows and watch as the cut her cord and watch as the NICU team examined her. Which her health was more important than a little skin to skin, which I did get over an hour of that after I was moved to Mother and Baby. Delayed Cord Clamping-which my doctor has explained that they practice this regularly now in my hospital. They now wait for the cord to stop pulsating, which supplies the baby with more blood. Instead of immediately clamping it off, they wait for 3 or 4 minutes to let the blood drain from the placenta and more for the baby. Delay bathing baby-this scares a lot of people because babies are kind of gross when they come out. But I want to establish breastfeeding and have a good amount of skin to skin time before he receives his first bath. I never even got the chance to watch them bathe Milah, they did that out of the room before I could even let them know that I wanted to watch and delay it. I also want my placenta back for Placenta Encapsulation. I am hoping not to have a milk supply issue but I do not want to travel down that road again. No formula or pacifiers-Milah was jaundice and we were advised to give her formula to help flush the bilirubin out of her system faster. My milk had not fully come in yet, so it seemed like the right choice. Which affected my supply. And she never had a pacifier until about 6 weeks of age when we tried to introduce one while flying, she hated it and never took one. She normally gagged on them. And our pediatrician already knows about the circumcision, so that is already been taken care of!

We are very laid back people, so if anything doesn’t go our way or something can not happen due to some mishap, we are not overly worried. Everything on my list has been approved by my Doctor, which you will want to do because sometimes people have ridiculous expectations that can not be met. All I need to do is type mine up and stick it in my hospital bag!!!


33 weeks-wedding, pressure (so much pressure), and factory resets!

33 weeks!!! So close, yet so far away! It literally has been the longest week of my life! The weekend part being the longest! Weddings are fun, most of the time. But when no has any effing idea what they need to be doing or what needs to be done, it gets a little stressful!

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the wedding and loved being able to see my sister marry her best friend, but good God, I am spent. I am still recovering, and I didn’t even drink or dance! David, Milah and I were blessed enough to all be apart of the wedding and lucky enough to have spent it with them. But seriously, I am done! All I have to say is, I was glad that we live 3 hours from family, far enough I really didn’t have to do a lot. But then again, not a lot got done. I did the bridal shower, which was great. I didn’t have to do the bachelorette party, which was nice. I did however get put in charge of hair, which wasn’t bad…if I had sister’s who could keep their hands out of their freaking hair! But it all worked out in the end. A little advice to women out there who are recently engaged and planning: Do not put anyone in charge of anything. If you want something done, do it yourself! I did EVERYTHING myself for our wedding. I didn’t rely on my bridesmaids or sisters to do anything (other than order their dresses). When you put too many cooks in the kitchen, shit hits the fan, especially when they are all girls…SO. MANY. HORMONES!!!!!!

Speaking of hormones-I have a 5 pound baby bouncing his lovey head off of my birth canal or cervix or something. OMG! So much pressure. I swear that kid was going to fall out of my at the wedding. I spent most of the day holding the under side of my belly to help relieve some of that pressure, which didn’t help! I have felt a million times better since the weekend but have been told to stay home and not travel farther than an hour or so from home. My doctor was very, very clear before the wedding that I was not to be dancing or “dropping it like it was hot”. Her words, not mine. (lol) We actually left the reception a little early because of Milah and the people who were a little out of control, stepping on little kids. I gave Milah and I a nice warm bath, because she was gross from the reception and I was gross from, well…pressure. I felt so much better by the next morning and even slept way better that night. We left on Sunday afternoon and drove home…in the rain. Heavy rain in a couple of spots, but made it!

I was a little bummed last week though. I normally sit on the couch with a laptop and do everything on it! And I mean EVERYTHING! Milah decided it needed to be reset, which is ok excpet she did a factory reset. Like millions of freaking pictures gone kind of reset. That laptop is actually David’s laptop from KU so it has some miles on it anyways, but it worked so good!!!! Now it doesn’t want to do anything. No Facebook, no Google, no WordPress…nothing! Luckily for me (or Milah) a lot of my pictures were posted on Facebook and I had my phone synced with FB so all of my pictures got pulled my phone into a private album! THANK GOD!!!! While there is a lot that are gone forever, the important ones should still be here. I also keep all of our “camera” pics on memory cards  and on discs locked away in our lock box! So, we are both lucky!


32-33 weeks-amazing dr visit!

A lot has been going on this week! I am getting ready to head to Iowa for a wedding and have been trying to finish my birth plan and hospital bag. Along with doing laundry and trying to get everything ready for the new baby that is due to arrive in a few weeks! Not to mention all the new “symptoms” that are going on. More annoyances than symptoms…

I am starting to get uncomfortable, not terribly uncomfortable, just a little bit. To the point where I don’t want to be climbed on by a toddler or a schnauzer. I can sleep pretty well once I get in a comfy position but sometimes that takes awhile. I do get up multiple times to use the restroom, but that is expected! I do not get heartburn like I did with Milah. I do get it from time to time, mostly when I start getting hungry or sometimes when I lay down for bed. With Milah, it was all day, everyday. I was up most of the night with acid floating in my throat and if I didn’t have heartburn, there was something wrong! My mood swings have been a little better. From time to time, I still get a little edgy though. Mostly when I am stressed over something like finances or getting ready for baby #2 get me going. Bending over is getting difficult, but thankfully, if I drop food, Bennett cleans it up and if I drop anything else, Milah normally grabs it for me! Everything else is very normal pregnant stuff.

My (technically) 33 week appointment went great! I really enjoy my doctor and can not wait to deliver with her, if she is there when I do! We went over my birth plan and my wishes for immediately after delivery and she approved everything. Some things I had written down were there for me to remember to ask her about. I will have a separate post about my birth plan and hospital bag some time next week. I got all of my questions answered and discussed a few things she had to go over with me. I am excited for my appointment with the registration nurse, which she will go over registration and probably everything to do with hospital stuff. I hoping she will take me on a hospital tour at that point also. Guess we will find out June 9th!

My blood pressure is great, along with any testing they did. I only gained 1 pound since my last appt, which puts me at a total of 11 pounds. Baby Paquin is measuring on track, so not too big or too small. Heart rate was great at 150 bpm. He is still head down and very low! She wasn’t concerned about how low he was, even though he is putting a ton of pressure on my hips. I will have one more two week appt and then will go back weekly!!! AHHH, so crazy how fast this trimester is going! And now I am stressing again…


Vacuum fears, barking devices and the mouse!

We caught a mouse! Apparently the one that has been terrorizing my kitchen for the past week! He was brave and quick, but not quick enough. I bought traps on Sunday and we finally set it out last night, after 2 days of me irritating my husband. One hour (one freaking hour) is all it took to catch him! We laid Milah down for bed at 9pm, set the trap at 9:30pm and had the mouse by 10:30pm! Say what?!? Yes, one hour! That’s how brave he was! We went to bed at 9:30 and I got up at 10:25 to go to the restroom one last time before falling asleep and when I was trying to get comfortable in bed, I heard that loud POP! Scared the crap out of Bennett and me! The pop isn’t what concerned me though, it was all the noise and banging around that followed that loud ass pop! I seriously thought someone was trying to break into our apartment! Then I realized what that noise was, so I woke up David, because I didn’t want to see what we caught. Poor little mouse, he didn’t deserve what happened to him, but that is what he gets for rummaging my kitchen for the past week! Normally these traps snap around their chest or neck, killing them immediately…not this guy. He must of been quicker than your average mouse. He got snapped at his arm…oh yes, his poor little arm. My stove was a blood bath this morning because she tried to chew through his little arm to set himself free. Luckily, my husband was up at 4am and cleaned up most of it but was on a time restriction and had to leave for work. He got most of the massacre cleaned up, including the still-alive mouse! But I had to Clorox the stove top and counters…again! Poor guy!

Speaking of poor guys, Bennett has been naughty! Now, he is a schnauzer so he barks at EVERYTHING!!! The new issue I have faced with him is troubling though. He always barks when people knock on the door, but now he thinks he needs to be right there when I answer it. This last time we ordered pizza, they knocked, he barked, I pushed him away and he bit me! Yep, that’s right, bit my freaking knee!!! He doesn’t do it out of aggression, he does it because he gets excited and wants to be the first one to the door. Mostly, because he thinks it David’s parents and he LOVES David’s mom! So, I went to buy a bark collar, not a shock collar though, an ultrasonic one. The ultrasonic emits a sound that only dogs can hear, they DO NOT like that sound. I wanted a humane collar, even though this one scares the crap out of him! The first time he barked with it on, he literally ran crying into the backroom and hid for 30 minutes. We also have a “Bark Off device that hangs out by our front door. The battery died forever ago and we never replaced it. Well, I did this time! I love the box by the front door more than the collar. 1. I don’t have to remove his other collar for it to work. 2. I don’t like the collar. But, he is getting better and is slowly learning.

Another noise my dog (and kid) doesn’t like is the vacuum! Bennett has always been terrified of vacuum cleaners, the noise hurts his ears and he always hides when I pull it out! Milah, on the other hand, is new to this irrational fear. She hides, cries and runs from it. Normally right when it gets turned on. She NEVER used to be afraid of it though. She also does not like loud noises. Fireworks were a huge mistakes last year, believe me, we probably won’t take her back this year! But yesterday, she didn’t hide or cry when I turned it on! In fact, she sat on the couch while I vacuumed off the couch! She still isn’t 100% on the vacuum, but progress is progress! Such an eventful week at our house!!!!


32 weeks…wait, did I just pee myself?!?!

32 weeks!!! I could have 5 weeks left, which I would like, or I could have up to 8 weeks left, which is okay too! Either way, I AM READY! Yesterday was a bad day! Fresh hormones, super effing cranky and I didn’t want to be messed with…at all. My husband just stayed clear of the war path I was on. I tried to take nap while Milah napped but that was a failed idea due to the freaking landscaping people who felt the need to spend 10 plus minutes on our patio with their leaf blower…thanks! So, I got up and folded clothes until my bed was cleared. Called my mom and talked to her about a few things and then felt a million times better. Amazing how talking to your mother makes you feel better!

I am still a little grumpy today, but not as bad as yesterday! I do have a dentist appt today which is just a cleaning, except my favorite hygienist is longer at my office. 😦 I miss her already! But we are trying to stay regular with our oral health these days, so I HAVE to go! I still need to get my root canal done but haven’t had the time or extra money for that! Maybe one of these days! My morning has been extremely productive though. I cleaned my counters off, along with my stove top because I suspected a mouse has been visiting us and I was right. David gets to set up mouse traps tonight! This is not the first time we have had issues with mice in this apartment building. They seem to come in the dryer vents and apparently feel the need to torture me. I hate rodents…and spiders! Now, we do have a dog and mice seem to LOVE dog food. We do keep it in an air tight container but sometimes Bennett doesn’t eat his food or he drops pieces around the kitchen. You would think that Bennett would try to catch the mouse but he doesn’t. We actually haven’t seen this one. The one we had last year, was brave! He ran out during the day and scared the crap out of me…he died though! We caught him. This one hasn’t been seen and the only reason I know we have a mouse is the droppings I found. Sneaky little ass. We also live next to a lot of open fields and the highway, so I guess I’m not surprised.

I also got to experience the weirdest feeling last night. I never had it Milah and this was the first time feeling it this pregnancy. It may have scared me too! I was running around doing a few things last night while on the phone with my mom, I was in the door way talking to David and all of a sudden…I though I peed myself!!! Wait, what?!?! The feeling was weird. I actually didn’t pee myself. I don’t know if I pinched a nerve or just had a twitch or something. Whatever it was, it freaked me out! I had the feeling that something was running down my leg, then immediately I thought, oh god, I peed myself. Then my mind went to OMG, my water just broke!?!?! Wait…my leg isn’t actually wet! What the eff? Weird! There was nothing there, I checked several times. I have no idea what happened!

I am also starting to get uncomfortable. Not so much while sleeping, but just while doing everyday activities. I still am up only 10 pounds, which is normal for me. I go back to my doctor on Monday, so hopefully I have a better update for you soon!



Hospital bags, birth plans, and baby lists…Oh my! (warning: TMI)

Birth Plan-done, hospital bag-almost done, baby needs-not really done. We do have the car seat and the basic necessities for him to come home to, if he feels the need to come early. I still have a few more weeks before I really need to worry about that though!

My birth plan: get him out! I Yes, there are a couple of things I do or do not want to be done, but most importantly, get him out safely and healthy! Unless it is absolutely necessary and there is an emergency, I DO NOT want a caesarean! I really prefer not to be cut open and have a longer recovery time, especially with a very busy toddler at home. Not my cup of tea! And speaking out being cut open, (TMI warning) I do not want to have an episiotomy. I had very little tearing with Milah and she had a large head AND had to be vacuumed out. I know it is necessary sometimes, but I have heard the horror stories. Also not my cup of tea. Something that I want to do a little different this time is waiting to push. I really believe that the reason Milah had to be assisted with the vacuum was because I started pushing too early. My water had just broke and I fully dilated when that happened, they had me start pushing immediately. I think if I would have waited for her to descend a little bit, I wouldn’t have pushed for over 2 hours and needed the vacuum. I got extremely tired and with that giant light over me, I got overheated. I will not touch the subject of epidurals because I do not care. I had one with Milah and caught a lot of crap from everyone! When you have 2 days of horrific back labor, you can tell me how to labor after being admitted. We (David, my mother, and I) were all exhausted after being admitted. Except I never really slept after the epidural was placed, because I WAS EXCITED!!!

Most of my “birth plan” is focused on what needs to happen AFTER he is born. I know I have discussed these in previous posts, but, why not again. These are all based on “if at all possible”. My doctor and I have talked about them and we are both on the same page with anything that could go wrong but probably won’t. Delayed cord clamping-SO many benefits. Even though some doctors believe it could cause jaundice, my doctor is not one of them. She loves doing this and loves that I want to do this! Milah was very jaundice and we had to stay an extra night after she was born and was still bound to the apartment for a few days afterwards because she was sent home with a light to help. Immediate skin to skin and breastfeeding-Again, so many benefits! I did not get to do the “baby gets pulled out and placed on your tummy/chest” due to the assisted birth. Milah had to be looked over by the neonatal team to make sure that nothing happened during the vacuum extraction. Which was fine, but sad at the same time. This helps establish breastfeeding before anything else, along with that bonding experience. I struggled with a milk supply with Milah, so this one is huge for me! Along with that, no formula or pacifiers are to be given to him. Due to Milah’s jaundice and me not knowing any better or hard it would be to break her, DEFINITELY no formula! Looking back, I should have cut the formula out as soon as we got home, but didn’t because I thought I was already struggling with a low supply. And because I am worried about supply this time, I will be trying Placenta Encapsulation. Yes, sounds gross, but again, SO MANY BENEFITS! I am not brave enough to just chop it up and drop pieces into a blender for a smoothie, so I have a local Doula coming to pick it up and prepare it for me!

As for my hospital bag, it is almost packed. I have a few more things to toss in there and I am powering through laundry this week to make sure everything is ready for the bag. I have all of my toiletries packed, along with some clothes. And when I am completely done packing it, I will have a post done also! I probably over packed, but you can never be too prepared! I also bought a seriously cute bag just for this occasion! I used our carry-on suitcase with Milah, but that is busy these days with us traveling a lot for my sister’s wedding coming up!

On to the never ending baby list. These are always never ending! I have plucked a few pre-made lists from catalogs that were sent to me, thanks to Target and BabiesRus! I have also made my own list but it pretty similar to the others. One of these days, when we don’t have a million things going on, maybe we can make it out to get some stuff! I really want to check out BuyBuyBaby in Kansas City! We also need to get Milah summer clothes!


31 weeks-4D scan and birth plans…

Technically I won’t be 31 weeks until tomorrow (Thursday May 8) but I already had my Dr appt this week and just got done with our 4D scan. While this week is still kind of boring, now the planning and last minute things happen. Trying to finalize everything…birth plans, hospital bags, arrangements for your other child/dog, pediatricians (luckily we have one already because of Milah), lists, lists, lists! EVERYWHERE I have lists! The crazy kind too. Some of them do not make sense to other people, but to you, you know exactly what they mean!

Birth plans are annoying, but they have to be done! I am really not picky as long as I do not need to have a c-section. Unless it is an emergency and we are both in need of immediate medical assistance, I prefer to push them out! I am not against epidurals, I had one with Milah! I am hoping to do it without one this time though, I did two days of back labor with her, so I was ready for some kind of relief! I also to have a preference on an episiotomy. I do not want them to cut me like that….I want to tear naturally. Milah had a large head and needed to be vacuumed out. I had very little tearing with her, so…no need for one! Other than that, everything I am worried about happens after the baby comes out! Delayed cord clamping, immediate skin to skin, immediate breastfeeding, and delaying his first bath. I do want my placenta back too, for encapsulation purposes!

Speaking of placenta encapsultion, our 4D ultrasound tech asked me about it today during my scan. She said she had only heard of this one other time and didn’t have time to look it up until today when she was browsing over my chart. We laughed about the interesting pictures that are out there. But she agreed with the health benefits behind it and can see why it is becoming popuar! I really just want to try it for the increased milk supply, I am hoping to stay away from having to supplement with formula like I did with Milah. Baby boy Paquin’s scan was perfect though! He was a little shy and was hiding to begin with but after laying on my side for a few minutes, he rolled into a great position! He looks a lot like Milah but different at the same time! I can not wait for the next 6-9 weeks to go by so I can hold him and show him the world!

My doctors appt was great though, even if I had to sit in the waiting room for 40 minutes because they had the wrong chart pulled and was calling someone else’s name. After that, great appointment! Because I was one of the last patients for the day, I got to sit and discuss in length some items on my “birth plan”. And we got to discuss weight gain…always a hot topic for me. I have only gained 10 pounds, which I was excited about, then got shot down. When the nurse weighed me and I was excited about the 10 pounds, she asked “10 lbs, whole pregnancy or 10 lbs in the last week?” I said whole pregnancy…she was concerned. Back story-I only gained 14 lbs with Milah and she weighed 7 lbs 2oz. I don’t know why I don’t gain a ton of weight, not that you should gain a “ton” of weight but most women gain 25-35 pounds! I don’t think I was made to gain that much weight with babies and believe me…I am ALL BABY! My butt doesn’t grow, neither do my boobs…boo! But my doctor has made her peace with my weight gain and because he is measuring on track, she doesn’t really care right now!

But, I need to get back to my lists…wish me luck!