Milah’s 2nd birthday and 29 weeks!

29 weeks pregnant-what the heck? That went fast! I start going to the doctor every 2 weeks now! That’s how you know you are towards the end of your pregnancy! His heart rate was great at 145 and I am measuring right on track! I did get lectured about my weight gain of only 7 pounds because most women would have gained like 15 or more by now. I only gained 14 with Milah and probably won’t gain more than that with this one…I wasn’t built for carrying an extra 25-30 pounds. I already feel like I will burst at my seams any day now, so I could never imagine gaining a shit-ton of weight. I am also at that stage in my pregnancy were people aren’t afraid to ask me how far I am. I was in my home town this weekend and everyone I ran into that didn’t know I was pregnant asked without hesitation! I am also at that stage were family members (like aunts and grandmas) are starting to feel sorry for how large I look..


On Tuesday, our oldest will be 2! Wait, what?!?!! TWO!!! I don’t even know what happened or where the last 2 years have gone?! I remember that I would have been suffering from back labor right about now until later in the afternoon on the 28th right now. My poor husband and mother! I received an epidural and then I was a delight (and then didn’t sleep because I was excited). I just can’t believe she is 2! Now, I do have a large family with a number of cousins and nieces and nephews that I watched over while they were growing up, but you really do learn so much about kids and yourself when you have your own!

What I have learned being a parent of a 2 year old. 1-There is no such thing as an irrational fear. Let me explain, Milah showed us during her party that she is afraid of the flame on a candle…yep, that’s right…a candle! 2-Just because she was never afraid of the vacuum before, doesn’t mean she won’t be now. Another WTF? I vacuum all the time. She has been slowly developing this fear, she used to be fine with the vacuum, but screams when one comes wheeling out to the living room now! 3-She has an amazing memory! We did pictures over the weekends and one set included balloons tied to a weight, which ended up flying away during her park session…sad face! She cried and then was over it, but she never forgot about them! She (2 days later) still looks up and points to the sky looking for these lost balloons. 4-A structured schedule is still very necessary. We try to keep it strict, but it’s hard when we travel and there is a lot going on. So while we are home, we do keep it very structured and easy. 5-Hissy fits happen…a lot. Sometimes it’s hard to prevent them. I normally try to ignore them when possible though. I have been told to stop them before it happens, but kids tired or hungry, then meltdowns happen. When kids can not tell you what they need, crying works best. But sometimes they melt down because they want attention, so try to pay attention to them! But then, in Milah’s case, she is bored and just wants to cause trouble (my kid, no way, lol), so, I wait until the fit is over and then we move on to an activity or outside, where she can burn energy! 6-Every child is different. Just like every man, women and being on earth! Just because something worked for one child, doesn’t always mean it will for the next one. Everyone lives different lives, and we all have our own situations to take care of.



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