Oh hello, third trimester! 28 weeks

I can say that this pregnancy has been a “text book pregnancy”. First trimester: exhaustion, fair amounts of nausea and slight cramping. Second trimester: energy came back, no more nausea and felt great! Third trimester: (so far) exhausted, frequent urination, might be nesting and appetite is definitely back!

I still do not go back to my doctor until next week, but I can imagine it’s going to be another boring one! They really don’t get exciting until about 36 weeks when you start going back every week! I still haven’t heard about my glucose testing, so I can assume that I didn’t fail it, which is good news! I did get my 3D scan scheduled and can not wait to see our little again! I also have to call a nurse that takes care of all the pre registration and hospital tours and what not. But, of course, when I call, she is out of town until the 21st!

I have actually been feeling amazing. Pretty tired, but when I get the energy to do something, I do everything! Today, I wanted to pick up and vacuum, that turned into picking up, vacuuming, dishes, sweeping and laundry! I think I am nesting-ish. I still have a ton of laundry to get caught up on, but I do have time! I did wash up any baby boy clothes and a blanket that I had, so I wouldn’t have to do that later! I can not complain though, the heartburn has not been bad! With Milah, I suffered, and by suffered, I mean laid in bed for hours on end hoping to not puke from the acid eating at my throat! I went through so many bottles of Tums with her, and she didn’t even have that much hair! Even though, I was told by a ultrasound tech, that heartburn is caused by the baby’s position against your stomach or esophagus, not the hair he or she may or may not have! I do have a couple of Tums when I lay down, but mostly because of a slight burn but can sleep through the night without getting up for that! Now, I do have to get up a few times a night to use the restroom…and about a million times a day! And sometimes, I go then he presses up against my bladder making me have to go again! Which is normal!

We do have most of his stuff bought, aside from some baby clothes and a rocker that isn’t pink. But we got his car seat last week and have been slowly getting his bedding stuff done, which it is now! I did grab a couple of long sleeve, footed sleepers for the hospital stay. Hospitals are normally cool or freezing cold. I do have a couple of little hats and outfits but he doesn’t have nearly the amount of clothes that Milah had at this point, most of hers came from a baby shower. I have also started putting my hospital bag together! Which is very exciting! I have some of the toiletries put together and his sleepers but nothing else bought or packed yet.

I have also been trying to prepare Milah and Bennett for another little one. This could be interesting!


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