Car Seat review and comparison

We opened the car seat tonight and we were surprised when we opened the box! Last night I bought the Chicco KeyFit 30, I paid $189.99 at Target, but I had $30 in coupons/gift cards. I had a hard time picking out a car seat this time around and finally landed on the Chicco because of the reviews and safety ratings. The same reason I bought the Britax when Milah was born. They are way different seats though…way different!

Britax Chaperone-I bought ours at BabiesRUs and I know I paid well over $200 for this infant seat. It has top safety ratings and amazing reviews! We loved this seat for the safety because we lived in Virginia and drove an extremely busy interstate, even the city streets were always busy. This seat had the anti-rebound bar and the straps were very easy to adjust around Milah. There were a few things I did not like about this car seat though. It was heavy…good lord, it was heavy! I struggled carrying this seat around so I carried Milah in a baby carrier. It was also very hard to get in and out of the base. I don’t know if I just had a hard time with it or if it was a common issue with this seat. It is also very big, between the base, the rebound bar and the seat; it takes up a ton of room. It did not fit well in our Ford Focus at the time and it fit a little better in the Outlander Sport, not great, but better. The last problem I had was matching the seat with the stroller. The one and only stroller that latched with the car seat didn’t freaking match. The color and pattern were different. The car seat was silver and black and the stroller was tan and black…UGH! Frustrating!


Chicco KeyFit 30-So far, we have no used this, even though Milah tested the seat for us earlier! I adjusted the straps several times, hooked/unhooked it in the base several times and carried it around. I was a little nervous when I picked it up last night because it felt heavy. Once we got it out of the box and off the base, it was much lighter. The safety reviews are just as great as the Britax and I paid about $50 less. It also hooked and unhooked from the base very easily with no issues! The straps seemed to adjust well and it was easy to buckle and unbuckle! David loved the color, even though I wanted to buy the straight black and silver one because I like the black to match our vehicles. But we did like the red…issue though, they discontinued the Snapdragon color stroller. I do have the straight black Joovy double stroller and red and black do match! I am going to be testing the latch for the car seat and stroller when it gets nicer out. I did look around for a red stroller for Chicco and found a couple on eBay for about half the price. I may be selling the Joovy and repurchasing the stroller…at war with myself now! Either way, we are extremely satisfied with the new car seat and can not wait for a newborn to fill it in a few months!!!



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