Baby Registries-1st baby vs. 2nd baby

Not that I am saying you have to or need to registry for your 2nd pregnancy/baby. I basically did it to keep ideas straight and to keep the items that I want or need somewhere easy to access…because my brain is basically fried right now! I have just basic items on there because a lot of the stuff we have already purchased or are reusing. The only issue we are running into is gender related items.

Our gender neutral baby items are an easy transition. This includes the crib, changing table and playpen (which Milah is still sleeping in). We did have a car seat and stroller that would have been fine, but we gave those to a friend when she found out she was pregnant and we, at the time, we not even thinking about more children at the time. We did purchase a new car seat and a double stroller. Of course, a lot of our toys are gender neutral and I really don’t care if our children play with cross gender toys; cars, dolls, etc. Milah loves playing with Hot Wheels when she is at my mother’s house! We did have a baby carrier and a sling but with the dangers of hip issues with our old carrier, we decided to move on and we hated the sling that we had. We also have a co-sleeper, that was a life saver the first time around and also for my cousin, so we will keep using that!

Baby items we had to repurchase because of the gender issue are ridiculous! We have so much pink and purple, I could clothe and feed girls forever! We started with bedding, Milah had pink and gray bedding and a pink changing pad cover. So we put away her pink stuff and we purchased some gray and yellow bedding and a white (I wanted gray) changing pad cover. We also put away her bright pink rug since they are room sharing until we find a house…someday. Most of the bedding and furniture in their room is white, so matching pieces were super easy! Now if we could get her to sleep in her big bed…that would be nice!

Our new items we purchased or are going to purchase will include: a new car seat (Target, Chicco Keyfit 30 $189.99), a double stroller (Amazon, Joovy Tandem Stand On Double Stroller $109.99), bumper-less crib bedding (Target, Circo Zigs n Zags 4 pc, $60.34), and a changing pad cover (Target, Circo Plush Popcorn cover, white, $12.99). The ones I still need to purchase are on my registry are pretty simple things that I can pick up whenever: a new diaper bag, a gender neutral baby rocker, some blue swaddle blankets (even though Milah HATED to be swaddled, so these may be dumb), a blanket to match the bedding and a couple of baby toys for a boy.

I DID NOT put diapers, wipes, shampoos/soaps/lotions/, or clothes on there. Clothes, because no matter what you put on there, people will buy you the wrong size or the wrong style/color, happens every time. Diapers and wipes-with Milah I registered for certain diapers and wipes, which the diapers were fine, but she was allergic to the hundreds of packages of Huggies wipes that I had…great. I was literally set for diapers and wipes for a year and I had to give away all of those wipes. Baby shampoos, soaps and lotions-again with Milah, I received a ton of small bottles and even the economy sizes, but she had issues with the Johnson and Johnson soap/shampoo but once she hit about 7 or 8 months, she grew out of it. NOW, I (as in me…mommy) am having issues with the Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo/soaps and lotions. Go freaking figure. It could be hormones or sometimes when I use a product too much, I start having reactions to them. It happened when I worked at SportClips and I had to wash hair in Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo everyday! I would literally have to pop Benadryl before, during and after work! Something else I skipped on was diaper rash remedies. Milah could only use A&D ointment or and nipple ointment I had for breastfeeding. She is just like David, they both have super sensitive skin!

Again, I only chose to register to keep ideas and items that I want or need straight. You do not have to re-register for your 2nd or 3rd or 4th….hopefully you have that figured out by then! People are always going to buy you a baby gift when a child is born. I have a ton of Aunts, who are all baby crazy, so I can imagine that I will end up with a ton of clothes. Which is exactly what happened when I had a shower for Milah! And gift cards are always a great alternative!



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