27 weeks-play pen issues and what the heck is in my purse?!?!

27 weeks, still boring. Aside from a few cramps and very little Braxton Hicks contractions, it has been uneventful! We have rearranged quite a bit, even though, some things still need to be moved around. Now we are having issues with the play pen issue. I had a toddler hanging over the side of it today during her nap time, she was trying to see out into the living room…fail! So now, do we move her back into the crib or just leave her there?!? UGH.

That dang kid! She doesn’t want to sleep in her new bed or the play pen now. She can lean over the edge of it, which makes me super nervous! I can see it now: she is going to lean too far one day/night and over she goes, face first onto the floor…I wish this was as easy as breaking her from a bottle or a sippy cup! She has no interest in the twin size bed, so where do we go from here? We have no other rooms to put her in and just putting her in the twin bed is not an option yet. It is far from the ground and the fall out risk is too high! The crib isn’t an option either, it is already set up with the new baby coming this summer. So…play pen she stays…until she face plants out of it, I guess.

But while I only have one child to take care of for the moment, a diaper bag has been at the bottom of my list. I packed and carried one for awhile after Milah was born, but it turned into more of a hassle than not. The only time we ever pack one now is when we leave town for a couple of days or take a full day trip. I actually got this amazing purse from my sister in law for my birthday and I LOVE IT!!!! I love purses anyways, but this one is perfect! I hate buying purses for myself because I always over think them and then end up buying one that I am just ok with. I have a few of them like that now. This one is amazing though, Ali has great taste anyways so I would let her buy me just about anything! It is big enough to pack just about everything in and the spikes on the side could be used as a weapon if needed! Now…I have no idea where she bought it from nor do I know the price. There isn’t even a brand name on it. With that said, here is how I pack it and what is in it!

For myself: my wallet, keys, phone, chap stick, hand sanitizer, mints, pens and a small notepad.

For Milah: 1 or 2 diapers, baby wipes, snacks, small juice, boogie wipes, and normally a stuffed animal by the end of our trip.

I do end up with a ton of extra crap in there after a few days, but who doesn’t! I normally have to clean out a ton of receipts after a shopping trip! I try to check all the items in there just once a week depending on how busy we are that week/weekend. Now, I must admit, the pens and notepad are for me…kind of, sometimes Milah gets bored and then I end up with a notepad full of scribbled pages. Which happens more often than not! Whatever keeps her busy though.

Side note: when did she grow up?? She will be 2 in less than 3 weeks! She now doesn’t want to ride in the shopping cart and wants to walk into the store by herself. She will, most of the time, hold my hand while walking close to traffic, but she is becoming so independent! And I will be doing a newborn checklist this weekend along with a Joovy stroller review(ish). I am sure my opinion will be a little different once the new baby comes, but then I can compare!


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