Am I wrong…?

We have been getting some fairly nice days here in Western Missouri. So now, we are taking Milah out more to play and we are now starting to let her play on the swings and slides that are close to our building! She LOVES it! We normally have tears and tantrums when we leave because she loves it that much. Something we aren’t loving is the neighbor/complex children. Let me state our case…

We live in an apartment complex that is “restricted/non-restricted” living. Which means, restricted units are income based and are not allowed some of the things that non-restricted units have. One of those things, I believe, are pets. I could be wrong, not sure. We live in non-restricted, meaning, we are not income based, we are allowed pets, and many other amenities. And please, do not get me wrong, I am not dogging on people who live in income based apartments. I really don’t care.

Here is where we have our issues. We live right next to the play set, which is great and it doesn’t bother us at all being that close to the play set and the pool. Less of a walk for my fat ass right now! We DO NOT like the fact that people let their children run unsupervised around the units, play set and pool. I know it happens more often than not, but it is extremely annoying! We had a handful of “incidents” happen last night that probably ruined us for awhile.

1. The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe-it’s finally nice enough to let her take it out to play in! Problem-the kids at the play set immediately came over trying to get her out of it so they could play in it. Not cool. It does have a weight limit and she literally got to spend 5 mins in it before we had to bring it back in.

2. Little boys in her face-UGH! Seriously, germs…everywhere still! I know, blah blah blah. But we just got her over the freaking flu, what I want is her to catch some other freaking cold/flu/disease! And most of these children are again, unsupervised and they have no sense of personal space. I am buying her a bubble!

3. Rough play-Milah is almost 2. She doesn’t play with other kids very often, and by often I really mean rarely! It’s bad, I know. We just don’t get out much. She was the only girl over there, luckily being supervised by dad, but still managed to get stepped on and knocked over by boys! I know she will eventually be able to handle herself, but until then, she will stay close to us!

For now, we will stick to days when other kids are at school/day care and definitely keeping tempting toys inside away from children who do not understand personal property rules!


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