26 weeks-Bridal shower weekend, room situation and car seats

Very boring week, by far the most boring. Nothing exciting happens, nor did anything happen! I am actually surprised I haven’t heard anything from the glucose test, which, hopefully means that I passed it! I do need to get my 3D ultrasound scheduled. I did find a photographer for Milah’s 2 year pictures and maternity/newborn pictures. But we have had a lot of other stuff going on so hopefully nothing goes on for the next 7 weeks! We just need to make it past May 24th!

Week 26 is boring! BORING! Kind of stuck in waiting now. 14 more weeks to go, so you have a ton of time left but this is also the time where you need to make some final decisions and start getting your stuff together. TONS of movement, and by movement, I mean a 14 inch baby weighing just around 2 pounds (already!) rolling around, kicking you in the ribs at the same time they are head butting your bladder. I am still having some issues with constipation, but can normally take care of it pretty quick! I am starting to have issues carrying my almost 2 year old, but luckily she is getting pretty independent and likes to walk by herself when we go out! And most of the time, my husband is with me to help with getting her in her car seat.

Speaking of car seats! What the heck is happening right now with all of these recalls?!?! With that question asked, I must say, I don’t like Graco brand and never ever looked at Evenflo car seats. Why? Customer reviews have ruined me! Now, I do understand that even super nice and expensive brands have recalls also. With Milah, we lived in a very busy city and chose to go with a seat that had the best safety ratings. We had a Britax Chaperone and LOVED it. The only issue we had with it was the fact that I had a compact car when she was born and the passenger seat was moved clear up. When we got the Outlander Sport, it fit better but not great. She is in a convertible seat now and faces forward. But her feet are starting to touch the front seats and now we have to try to get another seat in there…with a dog and a stroller, two of us and sometimes luggage! The Outlander is no longer suitable. UGH! But we are looking at a few different seats this time. To sum up: car seat shopping is HARD!

Moving on to the room situation. We have decided, that while in the apartment, the kids will be in the same room. Just makes sense at this time. I don’t have to get another camera for our monitor yet and Milah is not potty trained yet, so I need the changing table close to both. This way, we have an extra room for the spare room/sofa bed and David’s desk for his computer. Which will be nice so he isn’t in my dining room anymore, taking up much needed space. While both kids’ beds will be in one room for now, the new baby will be in our room for awhile. Hopefully by the time he needs to be moved into his own room/bed, we will be in a house or something much larger!

And for the real reason my weekly update is late-bridal shower! Which was a ton of fun when everything got started and everyone started showing up, but exhausting before then. I keep everything very simple but very cute. I did cookies/fruit and tea and coffee. While the cookies were a little expensive, they are totally worth it! Sioux City, IA has the greatest bakery ever! The Sugar Shack Bakery made our wedding cake, Milah’s 1st birthday cake and we have ordered/eating hundreds of their cut out cookies! I literally have both families addicted to these cookies! Totally worth it though! My sister got spoiled by all of the girlfriends and I got to put faces to names to the ladies I didn’t know! We really enjoyed the weekend, even though it lead to a couple of exhausted girls in our house. Milah and I both went to bed early the next night due to a couple of nights short on sleep. I still don’t go back for a couple more weeks for my 29 week appt.


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