Milah’s 2nd birthday and 29 weeks!

29 weeks pregnant-what the heck? That went fast! I start going to the doctor every 2 weeks now! That’s how you know you are towards the end of your pregnancy! His heart rate was great at 145 and I am measuring right on track! I did get lectured about my weight gain of only 7 pounds because most women would have gained like 15 or more by now. I only gained 14 with Milah and probably won’t gain more than that with this one…I wasn’t built for carrying an extra 25-30 pounds. I already feel like I will burst at my seams any day now, so I could never imagine gaining a shit-ton of weight. I am also at that stage in my pregnancy were people aren’t afraid to ask me how far I am. I was in my home town this weekend and everyone I ran into that didn’t know I was pregnant asked without hesitation! I am also at that stage were family members (like aunts and grandmas) are starting to feel sorry for how large I look..


On Tuesday, our oldest will be 2! Wait, what?!?!! TWO!!! I don’t even know what happened or where the last 2 years have gone?! I remember that I would have been suffering from back labor right about now until later in the afternoon on the 28th right now. My poor husband and mother! I received an epidural and then I was a delight (and then didn’t sleep because I was excited). I just can’t believe she is 2! Now, I do have a large family with a number of cousins and nieces and nephews that I watched over while they were growing up, but you really do learn so much about kids and yourself when you have your own!

What I have learned being a parent of a 2 year old. 1-There is no such thing as an irrational fear. Let me explain, Milah showed us during her party that she is afraid of the flame on a candle…yep, that’s right…a candle! 2-Just because she was never afraid of the vacuum before, doesn’t mean she won’t be now. Another WTF? I vacuum all the time. She has been slowly developing this fear, she used to be fine with the vacuum, but screams when one comes wheeling out to the living room now! 3-She has an amazing memory! We did pictures over the weekends and one set included balloons tied to a weight, which ended up flying away during her park session…sad face! She cried and then was over it, but she never forgot about them! She (2 days later) still looks up and points to the sky looking for these lost balloons. 4-A structured schedule is still very necessary. We try to keep it strict, but it’s hard when we travel and there is a lot going on. So while we are home, we do keep it very structured and easy. 5-Hissy fits happen…a lot. Sometimes it’s hard to prevent them. I normally try to ignore them when possible though. I have been told to stop them before it happens, but kids tired or hungry, then meltdowns happen. When kids can not tell you what they need, crying works best. But sometimes they melt down because they want attention, so try to pay attention to them! But then, in Milah’s case, she is bored and just wants to cause trouble (my kid, no way, lol), so, I wait until the fit is over and then we move on to an activity or outside, where she can burn energy! 6-Every child is different. Just like every man, women and being on earth! Just because something worked for one child, doesn’t always mean it will for the next one. Everyone lives different lives, and we all have our own situations to take care of.



Oh hello, third trimester! 28 weeks

I can say that this pregnancy has been a “text book pregnancy”. First trimester: exhaustion, fair amounts of nausea and slight cramping. Second trimester: energy came back, no more nausea and felt great! Third trimester: (so far) exhausted, frequent urination, might be nesting and appetite is definitely back!

I still do not go back to my doctor until next week, but I can imagine it’s going to be another boring one! They really don’t get exciting until about 36 weeks when you start going back every week! I still haven’t heard about my glucose testing, so I can assume that I didn’t fail it, which is good news! I did get my 3D scan scheduled and can not wait to see our little again! I also have to call a nurse that takes care of all the pre registration and hospital tours and what not. But, of course, when I call, she is out of town until the 21st!

I have actually been feeling amazing. Pretty tired, but when I get the energy to do something, I do everything! Today, I wanted to pick up and vacuum, that turned into picking up, vacuuming, dishes, sweeping and laundry! I think I am nesting-ish. I still have a ton of laundry to get caught up on, but I do have time! I did wash up any baby boy clothes and a blanket that I had, so I wouldn’t have to do that later! I can not complain though, the heartburn has not been bad! With Milah, I suffered, and by suffered, I mean laid in bed for hours on end hoping to not puke from the acid eating at my throat! I went through so many bottles of Tums with her, and she didn’t even have that much hair! Even though, I was told by a ultrasound tech, that heartburn is caused by the baby’s position against your stomach or esophagus, not the hair he or she may or may not have! I do have a couple of Tums when I lay down, but mostly because of a slight burn but can sleep through the night without getting up for that! Now, I do have to get up a few times a night to use the restroom…and about a million times a day! And sometimes, I go then he presses up against my bladder making me have to go again! Which is normal!

We do have most of his stuff bought, aside from some baby clothes and a rocker that isn’t pink. But we got his car seat last week and have been slowly getting his bedding stuff done, which it is now! I did grab a couple of long sleeve, footed sleepers for the hospital stay. Hospitals are normally cool or freezing cold. I do have a couple of little hats and outfits but he doesn’t have nearly the amount of clothes that Milah had at this point, most of hers came from a baby shower. I have also started putting my hospital bag together! Which is very exciting! I have some of the toiletries put together and his sleepers but nothing else bought or packed yet.

I have also been trying to prepare Milah and Bennett for another little one. This could be interesting!


Car Seat review and comparison

We opened the car seat tonight and we were surprised when we opened the box! Last night I bought the Chicco KeyFit 30, I paid $189.99 at Target, but I had $30 in coupons/gift cards. I had a hard time picking out a car seat this time around and finally landed on the Chicco because of the reviews and safety ratings. The same reason I bought the Britax when Milah was born. They are way different seats though…way different!

Britax Chaperone-I bought ours at BabiesRUs and I know I paid well over $200 for this infant seat. It has top safety ratings and amazing reviews! We loved this seat for the safety because we lived in Virginia and drove an extremely busy interstate, even the city streets were always busy. This seat had the anti-rebound bar and the straps were very easy to adjust around Milah. There were a few things I did not like about this car seat though. It was heavy…good lord, it was heavy! I struggled carrying this seat around so I carried Milah in a baby carrier. It was also very hard to get in and out of the base. I don’t know if I just had a hard time with it or if it was a common issue with this seat. It is also very big, between the base, the rebound bar and the seat; it takes up a ton of room. It did not fit well in our Ford Focus at the time and it fit a little better in the Outlander Sport, not great, but better. The last problem I had was matching the seat with the stroller. The one and only stroller that latched with the car seat didn’t freaking match. The color and pattern were different. The car seat was silver and black and the stroller was tan and black…UGH! Frustrating!


Chicco KeyFit 30-So far, we have no used this, even though Milah tested the seat for us earlier! I adjusted the straps several times, hooked/unhooked it in the base several times and carried it around. I was a little nervous when I picked it up last night because it felt heavy. Once we got it out of the box and off the base, it was much lighter. The safety reviews are just as great as the Britax and I paid about $50 less. It also hooked and unhooked from the base very easily with no issues! The straps seemed to adjust well and it was easy to buckle and unbuckle! David loved the color, even though I wanted to buy the straight black and silver one because I like the black to match our vehicles. But we did like the red…issue though, they discontinued the Snapdragon color stroller. I do have the straight black Joovy double stroller and red and black do match! I am going to be testing the latch for the car seat and stroller when it gets nicer out. I did look around for a red stroller for Chicco and found a couple on eBay for about half the price. I may be selling the Joovy and repurchasing the stroller…at war with myself now! Either way, we are extremely satisfied with the new car seat and can not wait for a newborn to fill it in a few months!!!



Baby Registries-1st baby vs. 2nd baby

Not that I am saying you have to or need to registry for your 2nd pregnancy/baby. I basically did it to keep ideas straight and to keep the items that I want or need somewhere easy to access…because my brain is basically fried right now! I have just basic items on there because a lot of the stuff we have already purchased or are reusing. The only issue we are running into is gender related items.

Our gender neutral baby items are an easy transition. This includes the crib, changing table and playpen (which Milah is still sleeping in). We did have a car seat and stroller that would have been fine, but we gave those to a friend when she found out she was pregnant and we, at the time, we not even thinking about more children at the time. We did purchase a new car seat and a double stroller. Of course, a lot of our toys are gender neutral and I really don’t care if our children play with cross gender toys; cars, dolls, etc. Milah loves playing with Hot Wheels when she is at my mother’s house! We did have a baby carrier and a sling but with the dangers of hip issues with our old carrier, we decided to move on and we hated the sling that we had. We also have a co-sleeper, that was a life saver the first time around and also for my cousin, so we will keep using that!

Baby items we had to repurchase because of the gender issue are ridiculous! We have so much pink and purple, I could clothe and feed girls forever! We started with bedding, Milah had pink and gray bedding and a pink changing pad cover. So we put away her pink stuff and we purchased some gray and yellow bedding and a white (I wanted gray) changing pad cover. We also put away her bright pink rug since they are room sharing until we find a house…someday. Most of the bedding and furniture in their room is white, so matching pieces were super easy! Now if we could get her to sleep in her big bed…that would be nice!

Our new items we purchased or are going to purchase will include: a new car seat (Target, Chicco Keyfit 30 $189.99), a double stroller (Amazon, Joovy Tandem Stand On Double Stroller $109.99), bumper-less crib bedding (Target, Circo Zigs n Zags 4 pc, $60.34), and a changing pad cover (Target, Circo Plush Popcorn cover, white, $12.99). The ones I still need to purchase are on my registry are pretty simple things that I can pick up whenever: a new diaper bag, a gender neutral baby rocker, some blue swaddle blankets (even though Milah HATED to be swaddled, so these may be dumb), a blanket to match the bedding and a couple of baby toys for a boy.

I DID NOT put diapers, wipes, shampoos/soaps/lotions/, or clothes on there. Clothes, because no matter what you put on there, people will buy you the wrong size or the wrong style/color, happens every time. Diapers and wipes-with Milah I registered for certain diapers and wipes, which the diapers were fine, but she was allergic to the hundreds of packages of Huggies wipes that I had…great. I was literally set for diapers and wipes for a year and I had to give away all of those wipes. Baby shampoos, soaps and lotions-again with Milah, I received a ton of small bottles and even the economy sizes, but she had issues with the Johnson and Johnson soap/shampoo but once she hit about 7 or 8 months, she grew out of it. NOW, I (as in me…mommy) am having issues with the Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo/soaps and lotions. Go freaking figure. It could be hormones or sometimes when I use a product too much, I start having reactions to them. It happened when I worked at SportClips and I had to wash hair in Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo everyday! I would literally have to pop Benadryl before, during and after work! Something else I skipped on was diaper rash remedies. Milah could only use A&D ointment or and nipple ointment I had for breastfeeding. She is just like David, they both have super sensitive skin!

Again, I only chose to register to keep ideas and items that I want or need straight. You do not have to re-register for your 2nd or 3rd or 4th….hopefully you have that figured out by then! People are always going to buy you a baby gift when a child is born. I have a ton of Aunts, who are all baby crazy, so I can imagine that I will end up with a ton of clothes. Which is exactly what happened when I had a shower for Milah! And gift cards are always a great alternative!



27 weeks-play pen issues and what the heck is in my purse?!?!

27 weeks, still boring. Aside from a few cramps and very little Braxton Hicks contractions, it has been uneventful! We have rearranged quite a bit, even though, some things still need to be moved around. Now we are having issues with the play pen issue. I had a toddler hanging over the side of it today during her nap time, she was trying to see out into the living room…fail! So now, do we move her back into the crib or just leave her there?!? UGH.

That dang kid! She doesn’t want to sleep in her new bed or the play pen now. She can lean over the edge of it, which makes me super nervous! I can see it now: she is going to lean too far one day/night and over she goes, face first onto the floor…I wish this was as easy as breaking her from a bottle or a sippy cup! She has no interest in the twin size bed, so where do we go from here? We have no other rooms to put her in and just putting her in the twin bed is not an option yet. It is far from the ground and the fall out risk is too high! The crib isn’t an option either, it is already set up with the new baby coming this summer. So…play pen she stays…until she face plants out of it, I guess.

But while I only have one child to take care of for the moment, a diaper bag has been at the bottom of my list. I packed and carried one for awhile after Milah was born, but it turned into more of a hassle than not. The only time we ever pack one now is when we leave town for a couple of days or take a full day trip. I actually got this amazing purse from my sister in law for my birthday and I LOVE IT!!!! I love purses anyways, but this one is perfect! I hate buying purses for myself because I always over think them and then end up buying one that I am just ok with. I have a few of them like that now. This one is amazing though, Ali has great taste anyways so I would let her buy me just about anything! It is big enough to pack just about everything in and the spikes on the side could be used as a weapon if needed! Now…I have no idea where she bought it from nor do I know the price. There isn’t even a brand name on it. With that said, here is how I pack it and what is in it!

For myself: my wallet, keys, phone, chap stick, hand sanitizer, mints, pens and a small notepad.

For Milah: 1 or 2 diapers, baby wipes, snacks, small juice, boogie wipes, and normally a stuffed animal by the end of our trip.

I do end up with a ton of extra crap in there after a few days, but who doesn’t! I normally have to clean out a ton of receipts after a shopping trip! I try to check all the items in there just once a week depending on how busy we are that week/weekend. Now, I must admit, the pens and notepad are for me…kind of, sometimes Milah gets bored and then I end up with a notepad full of scribbled pages. Which happens more often than not! Whatever keeps her busy though.

Side note: when did she grow up?? She will be 2 in less than 3 weeks! She now doesn’t want to ride in the shopping cart and wants to walk into the store by herself. She will, most of the time, hold my hand while walking close to traffic, but she is becoming so independent! And I will be doing a newborn checklist this weekend along with a Joovy stroller review(ish). I am sure my opinion will be a little different once the new baby comes, but then I can compare!


Am I wrong…?

We have been getting some fairly nice days here in Western Missouri. So now, we are taking Milah out more to play and we are now starting to let her play on the swings and slides that are close to our building! She LOVES it! We normally have tears and tantrums when we leave because she loves it that much. Something we aren’t loving is the neighbor/complex children. Let me state our case…

We live in an apartment complex that is “restricted/non-restricted” living. Which means, restricted units are income based and are not allowed some of the things that non-restricted units have. One of those things, I believe, are pets. I could be wrong, not sure. We live in non-restricted, meaning, we are not income based, we are allowed pets, and many other amenities. And please, do not get me wrong, I am not dogging on people who live in income based apartments. I really don’t care.

Here is where we have our issues. We live right next to the play set, which is great and it doesn’t bother us at all being that close to the play set and the pool. Less of a walk for my fat ass right now! We DO NOT like the fact that people let their children run unsupervised around the units, play set and pool. I know it happens more often than not, but it is extremely annoying! We had a handful of “incidents” happen last night that probably ruined us for awhile.

1. The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe-it’s finally nice enough to let her take it out to play in! Problem-the kids at the play set immediately came over trying to get her out of it so they could play in it. Not cool. It does have a weight limit and she literally got to spend 5 mins in it before we had to bring it back in.

2. Little boys in her face-UGH! Seriously, germs…everywhere still! I know, blah blah blah. But we just got her over the freaking flu, what I want is her to catch some other freaking cold/flu/disease! And most of these children are again, unsupervised and they have no sense of personal space. I am buying her a bubble!

3. Rough play-Milah is almost 2. She doesn’t play with other kids very often, and by often I really mean rarely! It’s bad, I know. We just don’t get out much. She was the only girl over there, luckily being supervised by dad, but still managed to get stepped on and knocked over by boys! I know she will eventually be able to handle herself, but until then, she will stay close to us!

For now, we will stick to days when other kids are at school/day care and definitely keeping tempting toys inside away from children who do not understand personal property rules!


26 weeks-Bridal shower weekend, room situation and car seats

Very boring week, by far the most boring. Nothing exciting happens, nor did anything happen! I am actually surprised I haven’t heard anything from the glucose test, which, hopefully means that I passed it! I do need to get my 3D ultrasound scheduled. I did find a photographer for Milah’s 2 year pictures and maternity/newborn pictures. But we have had a lot of other stuff going on so hopefully nothing goes on for the next 7 weeks! We just need to make it past May 24th!

Week 26 is boring! BORING! Kind of stuck in waiting now. 14 more weeks to go, so you have a ton of time left but this is also the time where you need to make some final decisions and start getting your stuff together. TONS of movement, and by movement, I mean a 14 inch baby weighing just around 2 pounds (already!) rolling around, kicking you in the ribs at the same time they are head butting your bladder. I am still having some issues with constipation, but can normally take care of it pretty quick! I am starting to have issues carrying my almost 2 year old, but luckily she is getting pretty independent and likes to walk by herself when we go out! And most of the time, my husband is with me to help with getting her in her car seat.

Speaking of car seats! What the heck is happening right now with all of these recalls?!?! With that question asked, I must say, I don’t like Graco brand and never ever looked at Evenflo car seats. Why? Customer reviews have ruined me! Now, I do understand that even super nice and expensive brands have recalls also. With Milah, we lived in a very busy city and chose to go with a seat that had the best safety ratings. We had a Britax Chaperone and LOVED it. The only issue we had with it was the fact that I had a compact car when she was born and the passenger seat was moved clear up. When we got the Outlander Sport, it fit better but not great. She is in a convertible seat now and faces forward. But her feet are starting to touch the front seats and now we have to try to get another seat in there…with a dog and a stroller, two of us and sometimes luggage! The Outlander is no longer suitable. UGH! But we are looking at a few different seats this time. To sum up: car seat shopping is HARD!

Moving on to the room situation. We have decided, that while in the apartment, the kids will be in the same room. Just makes sense at this time. I don’t have to get another camera for our monitor yet and Milah is not potty trained yet, so I need the changing table close to both. This way, we have an extra room for the spare room/sofa bed and David’s desk for his computer. Which will be nice so he isn’t in my dining room anymore, taking up much needed space. While both kids’ beds will be in one room for now, the new baby will be in our room for awhile. Hopefully by the time he needs to be moved into his own room/bed, we will be in a house or something much larger!

And for the real reason my weekly update is late-bridal shower! Which was a ton of fun when everything got started and everyone started showing up, but exhausting before then. I keep everything very simple but very cute. I did cookies/fruit and tea and coffee. While the cookies were a little expensive, they are totally worth it! Sioux City, IA has the greatest bakery ever! The Sugar Shack Bakery made our wedding cake, Milah’s 1st birthday cake and we have ordered/eating hundreds of their cut out cookies! I literally have both families addicted to these cookies! Totally worth it though! My sister got spoiled by all of the girlfriends and I got to put faces to names to the ladies I didn’t know! We really enjoyed the weekend, even though it lead to a couple of exhausted girls in our house. Milah and I both went to bed early the next night due to a couple of nights short on sleep. I still don’t go back for a couple more weeks for my 29 week appt.