Crib bedding-Round 2

I feel like these are starting to be “fail” posts! That’s ok, learn from mistakes!

We HATED the fabric and the crib skirt that we had picked out! Not to mention, we couldn’t find a sheet to match the crib skirt. So we went searching again! David had a dentist appt. on Friday and while he was getting his teeth cleaned, Milah and I went to Target to return a sheet that didn’t match the skirt. While we were there, I found a set that I liked! Fairly gender neutral, even though we know we are having a boy. I showed David after our running around and he LOVED it! Thank God! It is bumper-less though, which a lot of crib sets are being sold without bumpers. Pediatricians are not recommending bumpers until at least 6 months of age now, which I can see their point but at the same time, I’m annoyed!

We have already washed and set up the crib, now we just need to paint and finish moving/rearranging furniture and kid stuff! This week might be a little busy, but after that, we have nothing going on for a few weeks! We did have an amazing weekend with my husband’s family this weekend! We always enjoy their company! Milah got to play with her older cousin and they ran around crazy all day Saturday, so much that she laid right down for bed that night. She was exhausted!



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