No-sew crib skirt

What the heck was I thinking?!?! There is a reason some of those Etsy listings were well over $3oo! Good Lord.

It actually wasn’t as bad as I’m making it sounds. I had “help” from a 23 month old, whose idea of “help” is to pull the fabric and whine when she isn’t allowed to play with the HOT iron. I had her occupied most of the project with a movie but after the first one, she caught on. I thought I was well prepared and thought I would choose the easier option of the no-sew crib skirt. I should have just bought a sewing machine and sewn the dumb thing…would have been a million times easier! I watched several YouTube videos on this no-sew option and felt pretty comfortable doing this. Eventually, I will buy a machine and redo this, but this was a better option financially for us at this very moment. (YouTube search: No-sew crib skirt by Doitonadime)

Supplies I used: 2 yards fabric, measuring tape (the flexible kind), Heat-n-Bond iron on hem tape, velcro stick on and iron on, iron.

Measure twice, cut once. add an inch on each side of the fabric for a hem and follow directions for the hem tape. I HATE this freaking hem tape! This is probably were I struggled the most. I also was dumb and bought 2 yards of fabric but had them cut it half…don’t do that! Especially if you have a pattern, because matching that up is not fun…at all! Also struggled with that, because I have OCD! You hem an inch all the way around and then iron on the velcro and the rest is fairly self explanatory!

It would have been easier if I wasn’t dumb about the fabric being cut in half and probably shouldn’t have tried to do it while my toddler was awake. I took a break when my husband came home and relaxed, ate dinner and we cleaned the back two closets, switched them out and then I started back in on the skirt! When I was able to actually sit down and concentrate on it, it was much easier to fix my issues with it and finish it! We still need to pain the two walls in the nursery, because they are still pink right now, but hopefully when they get painted, it will look much better. I also need to find a crib skirt to match it, I had picked one up at Target today, thinking it matched well, but it doesn’t and David HATES it!

I still am in the market for a sewing machine and want to make other baby items with it! I’m sure I won’t have a ton of time to work on too much, but would be nice to have a hobby to work on while both babies napped or my husband had them under control…lol.






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