25 weeks-glucose test, weight gain and hospital talk!

The dreaded Glucose drink, gross, we know. Sadly, it doesn’t bother me as bad as other women. I did fine the first time, I did fine this time. I did choke on it though. And not the “I’m going to throw up” choke, I did the “I took too big of a drink” choke. I literally scared the crap out of every nurse and receptionist behind the check in desk! They all came running to my aid, which was nice, but I really was ok! That very first drink always catches you off guard, no matter how much I prepared myself for how sweet it was going to be, it still was a surprise! Now, I will say, when I was pregnant with Milah, I failed my one-hour test, but passed the 3-hour test. My diet is way different from then and now. I used to work next to a Starbucks and I had a muffin and a Venti green tea with sweetener at least 5 days a week. Bad, I know! I am hoping for a passed one-hour test this time, because I will not do the 3-hour again!

The rest of my Ob appt went great! My Dr. thinks that he has leveled out in growth and I am measuring right now track! Heartbeat was great, maybe a little fast due to the straight sugar drink I had to take today. Other than that, I have a few more weeks before they start doing anything major at appts. 25 weeks is pretty boring. I did gain my first 4 pounds somewhere in the last 6 weeks! She was very happy that I finally gained something! I go back the end of April, which will be my 29 week mark! Right before Milah’s 2nd birthday! I did get a packet of information, which a lot of it is repeats literature from when I had Milah. Mostly, kick counts or fetal movements, making sure you have a car seat (because they won’t let the baby leave without one) vaccine info and a phone number for a nurse at our Ob-center for the hospital!

Speaking of hospital, my doctor asked me if I had started packing my hospital bag. I’m not going to lie, I have thought about it several times, not because I think I will go early or think I will need it sooner than not. I am just getting so excited! With Milah, I was so nervous, we had no idea what to expect and we were terrified that we were going to be responsible for this tiny human that would need us at every moment! Scary! I waited forever to pack my labor/deliver/recovery bag. And when I did, I really just threw some stuff in there that I thought I would need or use. You always learn after the first time for what you need and what you don’t! We lived far from the hospital the first time, this time, we live like 2 blocks away! I will say that Pinterest has a ton of lists for hospital bags that are pretty legit, I watched some YouTube videos also, but with those, you get a lot of people taking their vlogging/blogging items with them. Unless you are a vlogger, you really do not need those items. And a lot of hospitals will NOT let you video tape/record the birth anyways. When the time comes for me to pack a bag, I will do a list here and try to explain why I packed certain items and why I left some out!


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