We failed…miserably!

With a new baby coming this summer, we have been trying to transition Milah into a “big girl” bed. We have the bed, we have the bedding, we have her new room mostly set up…but now she back tracked, right into a railed bed. Last night was horrific.

I haven’t decided what happened to my angel child, but OH MY LORD! What happened last night?!?! She kept getting out of her crib-turned-toddler bed and wandering down the hall to our room. We finally gave up and let her lay with us. It only took her 4 hours to fall asleep…only. 1:15am-she passes out, Thank God! 1:30am-I am going to move her, BIG mistake. This made her cry for the next hour and a half. I finally bring her out to the living room, turn on Bubble Guppies, unfold the sofa bed, give her milk and a snack and let her know that I’m laying on the bed when she is ready to lay down and sleep. After half an hour of Bubble Guppies (or Paw Patrol), she finally crawls up behind my legs and falls asleep!!!! Praise baby Jesus!

One of multiple things happened

1.She was sick last week and did a lot of sleeping, so maybe it finally caught up to her.

2.Because she was sick, her system is still kind of out of sorts…constipation. She is also just getting back into eating regular too.

3.She is scared. Because we tried to much, too fast.

4.Too much energy. We had a pretty lazy weekend because it’s still pretty cold in Missouri and March Madness.

5.She is approaching her “terrible two’s”. Lord help us all.

Either way, we have a pretty busy week this week, so hopefully that will help. But we are going to take the room switching slower and maybe get on a better schedule. I also need to get her out more, taking her places to run around a little bit more! Here is to a better week!


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