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Ugh…so flipping busy!

Week 23 is here, well, a few days in anyways and it was another one for the record books. Constipation is fun…not. But then traveling 3 hours to help with wedding stuff and ending up with a pukey kid at the end of the weekend was not fun.

My poor bean. Ugh, the last two times we went to Iowa, she has gotten sick. Serious cold and ear infection last time and sour tummy this time. I really don’t think she had the tummy flu. I really believe it had to with eating habits. We eat very clean foods at home and I definitely limit her junk food intake. But this weekend was bad, and by bad I mean, holy God, how many calories did we (yes, we) consume?!? She only threw up twice this morning and has kept down all foods and liquids since then. She also has had a very fluid nap schedule this weekend, so between no naps and running around like a crazy person and eating terrible all weekend, I think it just caught up to her.

On a better note, I finally got my upgrade on my phone done and am loving the iPhone 5s! I also got my aunt Chris’s homemade ginger snaps! Oh god, these cookies are to die for and are a million times better than Girl Scout cookies!

So other than Milah being “sick”, the weekend was very successful! Bridal shower invites sent out, wedding invites stuffed, and flowers almost done! We all tried on our dresses though…that was not fun for me. I am terrified that I am going to be to big for my dress in about 10 weeks. Sad thing is, I will still have to have the chest part of the dress taken in and probably have a bra sewn in because I am not “blessed”.

Baby boy Paquin still doesn’t have a name or a nursery theme! Ugh. But, Milah’s new bedding comes in this week and we are going to transition her soon! Then we can start worrying about what color of bedding to buy or make. I keep changing my mind about the colors I want though. I probably shouldn’t be doing this during freaking NCAA basketball championships though. Ugh. I get so worked up during bracket season and nervous when Kansas (rock chalk jayhawk) plays! I have plenty of time!


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