22 weeks: Braxton Hicks and baby bedding!!!

Welcome back Braxton Hicks contractions…I didn’t miss you from the first pregnancy! I also have an acrobat/ninja doing stunts inside of me this week. And with him measuring a week bigger (at this point), he is already close to my ribs.

From here on out until the end of May, we are going to be so freaking busy! Between doctors appt, dentists appts and bridal showers and weddings, then birthdays, we’re booked solid! After the end of May, I’m not doing anything, it’s bad enough I will be 33 weeks at my sister’s wedding in May!

My next doctors appt will be my glucose test appt…I’m not excited. Even though, my new office does this a lot differently from what my office in Virginia did. In VA, I had to fast the night before then only eat “proteins” the next morning and because I do not eat eggs, she told me to eat toast, which made me fail my first test. I did not do the the 3 hours test because I was close to being due and I had only gained 14 lbs, so my Midwife was not worried. My new office told me to eat normal and my appt is at 1:30pm and they give me the juice there and then test me after an hour. I have been trying to watch what I eat, but sometimes the cravings win! We had been eating fresh fruit like crazy and eating a little bit “cleaner” than normal. I also don’t drink a venti green tea with sweetener 4 times a week anymore…with a blueberry muffin…

We have been busy trying to decide on a color theme and names for the new baby, which has been kind of a hassle. We like a name but haven’t decided if that is the name we are going to use. We also like different colors for his room but can’t find bedding that we like that is under $300. Ridiculous!!! I emailed a lady this last week to find out why baby bedding on Etsy was so expensive and she gave me good advice and a very good explanation! She basically said the reason they can price so high is because people do not want characters or jungle animals on their bedding right now, they want geometric patterns and bright colors, or a certain color theme that only can be achieved by a custom order. I actually ordered Milah’s bedding off of eBay from a lady who did custom orders, but she is no longer making crib bedding. I am very sad because I LOVED Milah’s bedding! It was well made and great quality! And it was decently priced, I know I paid less that $170 for the bumpers, skirt, hand-made sheet and a blanket! And everything was hand-made! It was gorgeous! I have already decided to keep it and save the set for when she has children…way down the road!

So this is what is happening soon: I am purchasing a sewing machine, fabric and stuff to make bedding with. Why? Because if I am going to spend $400 on a set, then I may as well make my own and maybe make some burp cloths and blankets too! My husband says I have plenty of time to work on this stuff so he supports me 100%! He wants me to make a business out of this too! Which would be fun to do a few things to make some extra money! I am fairly crafty, I can use sewing machines and can follow patterns…shouldn’t be too hard!

We are hoping to get Milah’s new room done soon and order bedding for her so we can move her in there and start the nursery! We have been rearranging furniture and rooms for the last 3 weeks in anticipation for this! I need to get those vacuum bags to start packing away her baby clothes and other stuff…I need to down size toys too!



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