No weight gain???…week 20-21

That’s right, I have not gained anything yet. It happened with Milah too. I didn’t gain anything until my 20 week and then I only gained 14lbs. But as of right now (March 3rd, 2014) I am 21 weeks 4 days, I have not gained anything…not even a freaking ounce!

With Milah, I chalked it up to working full time on my feet and walking (waddling) everywhere. I am a licensed cosmetologist and stood on my feet 8 or more hours a day, for 5 days a week and because we lived in Virginia, the weather was nice enough to walk outside a lot!

This time, I really don’t have an explanation. It could be the fact that I chase a toddler around all day, I have a bigger apartment to clean, or because we are “cleaner” eaters this time around.

Anyone who has a toddler knows, there is no such thing as “down-time”. Even nap time is busy. Right now, I’m writing this…lol…I should be doing dishes or laundry or picking up a room or 2 (or all of them). Milah is almost 2 (end of April), she is super busy! She lets me know when she is hungry or thirsty and she gets bored when I make her watch shows that aren’t cartoons…like Friends…I know, classy! Not to mention, I spend most of the day protecting Bennett from her. She is so (soooo) rough on our poor dog. He is surprisingly tolerant of the beatings he takes, daily! He has never even tried to bite her…sometimes I wish he would give a “warning nip”.

Sadly, we are outgrowing our apartment…quickly. David’s desk is in our dining room and his Xbox is connected to our living room tv, which isn’t all bad. Milah is entertained by the games he plays and, I hate to admit it, so am I. It’s not so fun when she is watching a movie on it though and he takes out a DVD to put Call of Duty in. Pissed is the word we will use! We are currently looking at houses but no intentions of “seriously” looking until fall. We have our apt leased until August.

Now, while we have adjusted our eating habits, we still eat junk foods. We have just started cutting out Gmo’s and stuff like that. We have switched to organic milk and trying to cut back on food with pesticides and antibiotics. It is a little hard for us though. We live in a city where they really don’t have a lot of options for buying. Our biggest selection is Hy-Vee, which thank God we have that! I missed that store on the east coast! I had heard rumors of a Trader Joe’s coming to Saint Joe, Mo but haven’t seen anything for a few months. The closest store that would carry most of the items I want, is still an hour away…unless I found a local farmer that carried cleaner meats. So if a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods person is reading this right now…SAINT JOSEPH, MO!!!! Please! While Hy-Vee does carry some cleaner meats and they are surprisingly priced well, I still would like to have more options. Maybe when the weather starts to get more agreeable!

Here’s to gaining some weight!


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