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Our cloth diapering experience…

I learned a TON about myself and my husband while using cloth diapers.

Here are a few pros to cloth diapering:-environmentally friendly
-cost efficient
-no chemicals or additives
Now, I’m sure there are tons more of advantages. Something that we found to be helpful was, because of the absence of chemicals, Milah didn’t have diaper rash anymore. And in fact, she had just been sent home from a wellness checkup with a cream for a skin yeast infection. I am sure that, even with cloth, you can still end up with a diaper rash. But considering infants should be changed every hour and older babies and toddlers should be changed every 2-3 hours.

Here are the cons that we ran into: -the extra laundry
-if both parents aren’t committed
This is where we had issues. I HATE laundry. I had a system going though and didn’t mind it. If you don’t mind the extra laundry, it shouldn’t be an issue. I know some areas of the states have water limitations and can not over use their washers like that. Also, I have a HE (high efficiency) washer and dryer, so I had issues with soaking them and getting them completely dry. During the summer it wouldn’t be an issue, but some people let them sun dry out in the sun. This is a quick dry and also bleaches the stains out of the diapers. I don’t have the sun or heat on my side in Western Missouri…between October and April or May.

We also had leak issues…bad ones, that always happened in public. After a few times of this happening, we traveled with disposables. Not so much with pooping accidents, but always wet! And Milah could never sleep in them overnight, I have what most people in the cloth world call a “heavy-wetter”. And she sleeps through the night in Huggies Overnight diapers now and has been since she was about a year old. We also struggled with a bulk issue. Some clothes she couldn’t even wear because they wouldn’t fit over the diaper. Which was sad because if I went a size up, the clothes were too big…never ending battle.

Here is where we lost it though, my husband wasn’t 100% on board. He really didn’t care for them. He hated shaking the poop off into the toilet and could never get them on correctly. We have discovered that if both or one of the parents is not fully committed, it’s a lost cause. It also didn’t help that I became pregnant with our 2nd child and struggled with nausea and exhaustion. Which meant, that changing a dirty diaper wasn’t fun and doing that extra laundry was even more of a chore.

We clothed for about 4 months before packing them away for the 2nd one, but the more we talk about it, the less excited we are for it. We have actually decided to list our diaper stash for sale and keep heading forward with our victory in disposables. Right now, I am researching “greener” options for disposable diapers. There are a few I am interested in and can not wait to try them out.

I am hoping to have Milah potty trained before her brother arrives in late June or early July, but she hasn’t had too much interest in it all at. She is now starting to say “poop” and “pee” so maybe soon!


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