Crib bedding-Round 2

I feel like these are starting to be “fail” posts! That’s ok, learn from mistakes!

We HATED the fabric and the crib skirt that we had picked out! Not to mention, we couldn’t find a sheet to match the crib skirt. So we went searching again! David had a dentist appt. on Friday and while he was getting his teeth cleaned, Milah and I went to Target to return a sheet that didn’t match the skirt. While we were there, I found a set that I liked! Fairly gender neutral, even though we know we are having a boy. I showed David after our running around and he LOVED it! Thank God! It is bumper-less though, which a lot of crib sets are being sold without bumpers. Pediatricians are not recommending bumpers until at least 6 months of age now, which I can see their point but at the same time, I’m annoyed!

We have already washed and set up the crib, now we just need to paint and finish moving/rearranging furniture and kid stuff! This week might be a little busy, but after that, we have nothing going on for a few weeks! We did have an amazing weekend with my husband’s family this weekend! We always enjoy their company! Milah got to play with her older cousin and they ran around crazy all day Saturday, so much that she laid right down for bed that night. She was exhausted!



25 weeks-glucose test, weight gain and hospital talk!

The dreaded Glucose drink, gross, we know. Sadly, it doesn’t bother me as bad as other women. I did fine the first time, I did fine this time. I did choke on it though. And not the “I’m going to throw up” choke, I did the “I took too big of a drink” choke. I literally scared the crap out of every nurse and receptionist behind the check in desk! They all came running to my aid, which was nice, but I really was ok! That very first drink always catches you off guard, no matter how much I prepared myself for how sweet it was going to be, it still was a surprise! Now, I will say, when I was pregnant with Milah, I failed my one-hour test, but passed the 3-hour test. My diet is way different from then and now. I used to work next to a Starbucks and I had a muffin and a Venti green tea with sweetener at least 5 days a week. Bad, I know! I am hoping for a passed one-hour test this time, because I will not do the 3-hour again!

The rest of my Ob appt went great! My Dr. thinks that he has leveled out in growth and I am measuring right now track! Heartbeat was great, maybe a little fast due to the straight sugar drink I had to take today. Other than that, I have a few more weeks before they start doing anything major at appts. 25 weeks is pretty boring. I did gain my first 4 pounds somewhere in the last 6 weeks! She was very happy that I finally gained something! I go back the end of April, which will be my 29 week mark! Right before Milah’s 2nd birthday! I did get a packet of information, which a lot of it is repeats literature from when I had Milah. Mostly, kick counts or fetal movements, making sure you have a car seat (because they won’t let the baby leave without one) vaccine info and a phone number for a nurse at our Ob-center for the hospital!

Speaking of hospital, my doctor asked me if I had started packing my hospital bag. I’m not going to lie, I have thought about it several times, not because I think I will go early or think I will need it sooner than not. I am just getting so excited! With Milah, I was so nervous, we had no idea what to expect and we were terrified that we were going to be responsible for this tiny human that would need us at every moment! Scary! I waited forever to pack my labor/deliver/recovery bag. And when I did, I really just threw some stuff in there that I thought I would need or use. You always learn after the first time for what you need and what you don’t! We lived far from the hospital the first time, this time, we live like 2 blocks away! I will say that Pinterest has a ton of lists for hospital bags that are pretty legit, I watched some YouTube videos also, but with those, you get a lot of people taking their vlogging/blogging items with them. Unless you are a vlogger, you really do not need those items. And a lot of hospitals will NOT let you video tape/record the birth anyways. When the time comes for me to pack a bag, I will do a list here and try to explain why I packed certain items and why I left some out!


No-sew crib skirt

What the heck was I thinking?!?! There is a reason some of those Etsy listings were well over $3oo! Good Lord.

It actually wasn’t as bad as I’m making it sounds. I had “help” from a 23 month old, whose idea of “help” is to pull the fabric and whine when she isn’t allowed to play with the HOT iron. I had her occupied most of the project with a movie but after the first one, she caught on. I thought I was well prepared and thought I would choose the easier option of the no-sew crib skirt. I should have just bought a sewing machine and sewn the dumb thing…would have been a million times easier! I watched several YouTube videos on this no-sew option and felt pretty comfortable doing this. Eventually, I will buy a machine and redo this, but this was a better option financially for us at this very moment. (YouTube search: No-sew crib skirt by Doitonadime)

Supplies I used: 2 yards fabric, measuring tape (the flexible kind), Heat-n-Bond iron on hem tape, velcro stick on and iron on, iron.

Measure twice, cut once. add an inch on each side of the fabric for a hem and follow directions for the hem tape. I HATE this freaking hem tape! This is probably were I struggled the most. I also was dumb and bought 2 yards of fabric but had them cut it half…don’t do that! Especially if you have a pattern, because matching that up is not fun…at all! Also struggled with that, because I have OCD! You hem an inch all the way around and then iron on the velcro and the rest is fairly self explanatory!

It would have been easier if I wasn’t dumb about the fabric being cut in half and probably shouldn’t have tried to do it while my toddler was awake. I took a break when my husband came home and relaxed, ate dinner and we cleaned the back two closets, switched them out and then I started back in on the skirt! When I was able to actually sit down and concentrate on it, it was much easier to fix my issues with it and finish it! We still need to pain the two walls in the nursery, because they are still pink right now, but hopefully when they get painted, it will look much better. I also need to find a crib skirt to match it, I had picked one up at Target today, thinking it matched well, but it doesn’t and David HATES it!

I still am in the market for a sewing machine and want to make other baby items with it! I’m sure I won’t have a ton of time to work on too much, but would be nice to have a hobby to work on while both babies napped or my husband had them under control…lol.






We failed…miserably!

With a new baby coming this summer, we have been trying to transition Milah into a “big girl” bed. We have the bed, we have the bedding, we have her new room mostly set up…but now she back tracked, right into a railed bed. Last night was horrific.

I haven’t decided what happened to my angel child, but OH MY LORD! What happened last night?!?! She kept getting out of her crib-turned-toddler bed and wandering down the hall to our room. We finally gave up and let her lay with us. It only took her 4 hours to fall asleep…only. 1:15am-she passes out, Thank God! 1:30am-I am going to move her, BIG mistake. This made her cry for the next hour and a half. I finally bring her out to the living room, turn on Bubble Guppies, unfold the sofa bed, give her milk and a snack and let her know that I’m laying on the bed when she is ready to lay down and sleep. After half an hour of Bubble Guppies (or Paw Patrol), she finally crawls up behind my legs and falls asleep!!!! Praise baby Jesus!

One of multiple things happened

1.She was sick last week and did a lot of sleeping, so maybe it finally caught up to her.

2.Because she was sick, her system is still kind of out of sorts…constipation. She is also just getting back into eating regular too.

3.She is scared. Because we tried to much, too fast.

4.Too much energy. We had a pretty lazy weekend because it’s still pretty cold in Missouri and March Madness.

5.She is approaching her “terrible two’s”. Lord help us all.

Either way, we have a pretty busy week this week, so hopefully that will help. But we are going to take the room switching slower and maybe get on a better schedule. I also need to get her out more, taking her places to run around a little bit more! Here is to a better week!

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Finally….we agreed on something!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have picked out colors for the nursery! That’s right, we have finally agreed on something!

We had an issue between us picking it out because David doesn’t want anything too girly, which I agree! But it was hard to find colors and a theme that we both liked. We have been through several different themes and color schemes before landing on this one!

I will try to do a no-sew crib skirt tutorial when I make it this weekend/week!


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Ugh…so flipping busy!

Week 23 is here, well, a few days in anyways and it was another one for the record books. Constipation is fun…not. But then traveling 3 hours to help with wedding stuff and ending up with a pukey kid at the end of the weekend was not fun.

My poor bean. Ugh, the last two times we went to Iowa, she has gotten sick. Serious cold and ear infection last time and sour tummy this time. I really don’t think she had the tummy flu. I really believe it had to with eating habits. We eat very clean foods at home and I definitely limit her junk food intake. But this weekend was bad, and by bad I mean, holy God, how many calories did we (yes, we) consume?!? She only threw up twice this morning and has kept down all foods and liquids since then. She also has had a very fluid nap schedule this weekend, so between no naps and running around like a crazy person and eating terrible all weekend, I think it just caught up to her.

On a better note, I finally got my upgrade on my phone done and am loving the iPhone 5s! I also got my aunt Chris’s homemade ginger snaps! Oh god, these cookies are to die for and are a million times better than Girl Scout cookies!

So other than Milah being “sick”, the weekend was very successful! Bridal shower invites sent out, wedding invites stuffed, and flowers almost done! We all tried on our dresses though…that was not fun for me. I am terrified that I am going to be to big for my dress in about 10 weeks. Sad thing is, I will still have to have the chest part of the dress taken in and probably have a bra sewn in because I am not “blessed”.

Baby boy Paquin still doesn’t have a name or a nursery theme! Ugh. But, Milah’s new bedding comes in this week and we are going to transition her soon! Then we can start worrying about what color of bedding to buy or make. I keep changing my mind about the colors I want though. I probably shouldn’t be doing this during freaking NCAA basketball championships though. Ugh. I get so worked up during bracket season and nervous when Kansas (rock chalk jayhawk) plays! I have plenty of time!


22 weeks: Braxton Hicks and baby bedding!!!

Welcome back Braxton Hicks contractions…I didn’t miss you from the first pregnancy! I also have an acrobat/ninja doing stunts inside of me this week. And with him measuring a week bigger (at this point), he is already close to my ribs.

From here on out until the end of May, we are going to be so freaking busy! Between doctors appt, dentists appts and bridal showers and weddings, then birthdays, we’re booked solid! After the end of May, I’m not doing anything, it’s bad enough I will be 33 weeks at my sister’s wedding in May!

My next doctors appt will be my glucose test appt…I’m not excited. Even though, my new office does this a lot differently from what my office in Virginia did. In VA, I had to fast the night before then only eat “proteins” the next morning and because I do not eat eggs, she told me to eat toast, which made me fail my first test. I did not do the the 3 hours test because I was close to being due and I had only gained 14 lbs, so my Midwife was not worried. My new office told me to eat normal and my appt is at 1:30pm and they give me the juice there and then test me after an hour. I have been trying to watch what I eat, but sometimes the cravings win! We had been eating fresh fruit like crazy and eating a little bit “cleaner” than normal. I also don’t drink a venti green tea with sweetener 4 times a week anymore…with a blueberry muffin…

We have been busy trying to decide on a color theme and names for the new baby, which has been kind of a hassle. We like a name but haven’t decided if that is the name we are going to use. We also like different colors for his room but can’t find bedding that we like that is under $300. Ridiculous!!! I emailed a lady this last week to find out why baby bedding on Etsy was so expensive and she gave me good advice and a very good explanation! She basically said the reason they can price so high is because people do not want characters or jungle animals on their bedding right now, they want geometric patterns and bright colors, or a certain color theme that only can be achieved by a custom order. I actually ordered Milah’s bedding off of eBay from a lady who did custom orders, but she is no longer making crib bedding. I am very sad because I LOVED Milah’s bedding! It was well made and great quality! And it was decently priced, I know I paid less that $170 for the bumpers, skirt, hand-made sheet and a blanket! And everything was hand-made! It was gorgeous! I have already decided to keep it and save the set for when she has children…way down the road!

So this is what is happening soon: I am purchasing a sewing machine, fabric and stuff to make bedding with. Why? Because if I am going to spend $400 on a set, then I may as well make my own and maybe make some burp cloths and blankets too! My husband says I have plenty of time to work on this stuff so he supports me 100%! He wants me to make a business out of this too! Which would be fun to do a few things to make some extra money! I am fairly crafty, I can use sewing machines and can follow patterns…shouldn’t be too hard!

We are hoping to get Milah’s new room done soon and order bedding for her so we can move her in there and start the nursery! We have been rearranging furniture and rooms for the last 3 weeks in anticipation for this! I need to get those vacuum bags to start packing away her baby clothes and other stuff…I need to down size toys too!